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Center Table Designs For Living Room

Decorating your personal space is a joy. Living room is the place where you entertain guests and spend time chatting and bonding. Conversations over coffee, watching, or just spending time reading books, magazines, and chilling  in the living room are simple moments of life that you enjoy. Choose from center table designs in stunning modern and contemporary patterns. Spend quality time in the living room giving a boost to your social life. You can find more @ urban ladder and come up with many ideas to decorate your room.

Center Table Designs For Living Room

Types of center tables

You can choose the material for the center table depending on the type of material you have used for other furniture. Decorate the living room with a coffee table that is made from wood to give it a suave and earthy look. You can choose from simple tables or offbeat and contemporary designs. You can glance through this article to know which style and material suits you best. You can add subtle novelty to the decor of the room by getting a creative and kitschy looking center table.

Construction materials

A center table is made in wood, metal, glass, plastic, acrylic, etc. The cost of the center table depends on the materials used. Wooden coffee and center tables are timeless and take less effort to maintain. They look elegant and can be used for many years with little maintenance. They are suitable for modern decor. Wooden center tables are available in various styles and materials.

Metal tables are cheaper and commonly used center tables. They are lightweight compared to the wooden tables and are as durable as wooden tables. They are available in simple as well as contemporary designs. They are built with a blend of mixed materials and can be bought online. They are available at discounted prices.

Glass center tables need extra maintenance. They are often built with metal joints and need caution when it comes to using and maintaining them. They look suave and elegant. They are expensive and can be used in offices and homes for enhancing the beauty of the room.

Center tables made in rattan are suitable for patio or the backyard. You can use them at home as well as in the outdoor area. They look urban and come with rustic elements giving a nice look to the room in which it is placed.

Acrylic center tables look like glass, are cheaper, and come in a variety of designs. They are suitable for bachelor pads where less maintenance is needed. Those who love to experiment with shapes, designs, and colors, can choose these types of tables. They are lightweight and portable regardless of the size they are made in.

Stylish center tables

There are humongous varieties of center tables available. Ottomans, leather tables, contemporary coffee tables look stylish in living room. You can also choose from the traditional varieties. They are built in standard rectangular as well as offbeat shapes. Transformative designs, urban patterns, and blended surfaces, and more varieties are available online when you go center table shopping.


Choose simple or complex patterns depending on your taste. Many patterns are carved to perfection with a variety of fittings. A few varieties are easy to assemble and disassemble. The fittings of the few models of the center tables make them portable and easy to carry anywhere. You can choose a portable center table if you have to carry them outside and enjoy bonfire nights and music.


Vintage patterns are available and look great in any room. Those who want to decorate their homes creatively get can choose from creative patterns. Decorate the room as per your taste choosing from humongous variety of patterns for center tables. Urban, artistic, and contemporary patterns are available to choose from. It can be exhilarating to make a choice from these patterns. Classy, kitschy, rustic, and many other types of patterns are made.

Home decor

Bring on novelty to home decor and create beautiful interiors by getting a center table. Add beauty to your home by getting a center table choosing from various designs along with all the furniture. A center table adds a dimension to the space. Create a relaxed space and decor in the living room and outdoor area getting the furniture you need that suits your taste and budget. Coffee and center tables are available in a variety of budgets.


It is easy to enhance the beauty of the living room by adding a stylish center table. Choose from the humongous variety of creative, contemporary, and rustic designs. Design spectacular living spaces by adding this piece of furniture. You can find center tables in all sizes. Their size is never too big and can be used to decorate a small space and condos as well.

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