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Casinos Not on GamStop and Gambling Addiction Efforts in the UK

The UK gambling scene has seen tougher rules applied over the last few years as authorities seek to control problem gambling in the country. Because of these stricter regulations, UK bettors are increasingly looking at other options and Non-GamStop casinos are one of most popular options.

GamStop and Addiction Efforts in the UK

UK-based gamblers are attracted to these sites because they are seeking more gambling freedom, without the strict betting limits, fewer bonuses, and limited funding options that are now commonplace at UK sites.

For US gambling regulators, there are lessons to be learned from the UK sites and non-UK casinos will be also featured in this article.

The UKGC GamStop Efforts

GamStop is a not-for-profit organization that works together with the UK Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom. GamStop runs a self-exclusion scheme where punters can sign up for free, and they will have their access to sites blocked by British gaming companies. The term of the exclusion can be up to five years.

With the large number of sites now available in the United Kingdom, the scheme allows users to apply a blanket restriction across the nation and halt their betting activities. This can be beneficial for those who cannot control the psychological urges.

Customers simply provide their contact details that they used to sign up to betting sites in the past.

How Non-GamStop Casinos Work

Sites not on GamStop are casinos and gaming sites that are located outside of the United Kingdom and they are not subjected to the same regulations. These sites are still regulated aby a gaming authority in their own jurisdiction. Two of the common destinations for gaming companies outside of Great Britain are Malta and Gibraltar, which are overseen by the Malta Gaming Authority or the Gibraltar Government’s Gaming Division. The non-UK casino sites are still subject to a high level of compliance with KYC rules and segregation of client funds from the business. The downfall of using these sites can be a lack of third-party support for dispute resolution, but the requirement for that is up to each user.

UK gamblers are increasingly choosing these sites because the experience is more free than the GamStop sites. British gambling companies are being subjected to tighter regulations and are limited in their ability to market and offer rewards and bonuses.

Sites not on GamStop will have some form of self-exclusion, but not as lengthy as the five years available in the UK.

Are Non-GamStop Casinos Legal?

It is 100% legal for gamblers in the UK to sign up these non-GamStop casinos and place their bets. Consumers in the UK still have freedom of choice in their online consumption and can sign up to these sites. It is because of restrictions placed on marketing by the UKGC that gamblers aren’t aware of the option. 

It is sometimes the case that these sites are used as a loophole to avoid the GamStop rules. This is an issue that regulators cannot really control. You can find out more about alternative online casinos at casinonotongamstop.net.

GamStop Sites vs Non-UK Casinos

There are many advantages available to bettors when choosing the sites that are not required to follow the GamStop rules. For customers who are more comfortable with their betting patterns, they will find that the sites offer more freedom.

The UK government has been pressured by social and mental health groups to tackle the problem gambling issue and that has seen apply rules to the in-play experience, such as spin timers and bet size limits.

Using the non-GamStop sites usually provides access to a wider selection of funding options. The UK gambling scene has also seen a ban on funding with by credit cards, which is as another attempt to curb problem gambling, but again, it limits the options for all. With non-UK sites you can still use credit cards, digital wallets, and even cryptocurrencies to fund your account.

The problem for regulators is that by applying the harsh rules, they simply drive gamblers to sites overseas and that impacts the tax benefits to the UK government. US regulators would be wise to heed that lesson and consider the implications of going too far in regulation.

The Pros and Cons of UK vs Non-UK sites

With all consumer options, there are pros and cons attached to using a GamStop casino versus a non-UK casino. This is our summary of the important pros and cons:

GamStop Casinos


  • UKGC licensees are listed companies
  • Extra efforts committed to problems gambling
  • GBP deposits as standard
  • Enhanced protection for consumers
  • Third-party support for disputes 


  • Stake size limits
  • Extensive KYC rules
  • Credit card deposits banned
  • No crypto payment support 

Sites not on GamStop


  • Generous bonus size and frequency
  • Fewer limits and restrictions
  • Licensed by a gaming authority in their jurisdiction
  • Access to self-exclusion
  • Wide range of funding methods 


  • May not offer GBP funding
  • UK game titles may not be available
  • Can be exploited as a loophole for GamStop 

Conclusion for the US betting market

When looking to regulate the booming gambling market in the US, it is important to consider the effects of too much regulation. The UKGC made moves to clamp down on the UK industry but that has seen many driven to use sites outside of the country. That means less tax income for the government.

Bet sizes and deposits are free from restrictions in the non-UK sites, but there are also more attractive welcome bonuses and rewards. The game libraries in these sites are often more extensive than the UK sites, which is another effect of the marketing rules. Finally, there are more options available for account funding.

In the end, UK gamblers are looking for fun experience at gaming sites and enforcing too many rules has driven them to non-GamStop casinos. The US market should try to avoid the same fate if they move to tackle gambling addiction in the country.

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