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Car Trends 2017

Car Trends 2017

Car trends are put together by different automobile experts as part of car reviews to unveil hot trends within the industry. This helps buyers with information regarding what’s new in the market and specifications to expect from latest cars and in some cars, you can even play games (visit punt casino for more information). As a consumer, you should consider different factors before buying a car.

Top trends at the moment include smart efficiency for better performances. Latest cars use less fuel as the engines are being downsized while at the same time the power and overall performance of the engine are not compromised. In addition, we’ve seen different body material trends such as a use of light material like aluminium initiated by Ford and BMW. Many automobile manufacturers use the light material to reduce the weight of the car to improve performance in terms of speed. The evolution of electronic vehicles has taken the industry by storm and every top automobile is working towards the future of electric cars.

Furthermore, cars are becoming smarter than ever and this is evidenced in digital intelligence in every car being currently released in the market. Infotainment and connectivity are two trends that have changed the way we review cars. Dashboards are making great strides in becoming more electronic than ever before.

Another hot trend is autonomous or driving cars that are rapidly advancing to make it a reality. Many prototypes have been released so far and some of them can drive on the road with less human assistance. Mercedes and BMW have been successful in developing car models with auto parking function. And why not an auto park feature when online casinos such as online canadian casino allow you Auto bet.

No matter the price of the car we’ve seen advanced infotainment systems that can perform various functions. Such functions include connecting a smartphone to wirelessly stream calls, texts, and data, onboard internet service, entertainment, and safety information. Everything on the dashboard is now digitalized to support other car features.

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