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Can You Really Earn a Living as a Freelance Writer?

Yes You Can!

Writing can flourish into a lucrative career to earn a middle-class living or even higher rates. Copyrighted or book-related work means more income in form of royalties or advances for full-time writers. Airtasker provides a solid source of extra cash for authors who write for magazines or newspapers. The fast growing gig economy boasts flexibility with a variety of jobs for those who want to juggle and increase their income.

Really Earn a Living as a Freelance Writer

You may want to practice the trade of authoring to supplement other streams of income. However, professional writers who have sharpened their craft and art of writing have an edge over amateurs. A professional writer conveys a message in written word by superbly crystallizing ideas with a dab hand.

4 Unmistakable Ways to Get Paid for Writing

  1. Carve a Profitable Writing Niche

At the outset, join a high-paying niche to make money like finance, B2B, marketing, and WordPress. Not all writing niches have money-making potential. A specialized writer practices the art of writing at mastery level and brings in handsome amounts. Giant corporations pay a higher median salary and offer nice perks like long paid leave. However, only the cream of the crop gets shortlisted or appointed. Academic writing has evolved into a full-time field for those who take on multiple projects. In all, avoid charting a jack-of-all-trades career and focus on shaping your niche skills set.

  1. Freelance Writing Websites

Get into your stride by pitching for writing assignments published on freelance websites and cut the melon. Onceyou fulfill the pre-requisites and get your foot in the door, you land on your first client. Unfortunately,most writing sites have stringent recruitment policies.,, and a host of other freelance sites now use esoteric requirements that keep off applicants by geographical location, credentials, tests or painstaking procedures. You have to stand out with solid credentials, portfolio or expertise to get the nod to access the vast number of jobs posted on these sites. On the other hand, you still have other options like because they pay users for the content delivered without red-tapeconscription. You only need to craft posts and get paid-per-view.

  1. Copyrights for Freelance Writers

While most writers leap at the maximum pay for their work, intellectual property rights vested in your work pack generous from future pay or royalties. You can assign your rights to other parties to augment your spoils. Seek legal advice in your jurisdiction to discern the scope of copyrights, joint ownership and exclusive rights. Don’t relinquish your rights without explicit or implicit terms.

In the same vein, exclusive ownership imprints a name on your work and strengthens your portfolio to attract more clients. You also sculpt a solid brand and online visibility.

  1. Blogging

A blog provides lifeblood for the wealthiest freelance writers. Your blog embodies your portfolio, acts as a learning tool, enhances online visibility and builds credibility. Heavy traffic monetizes your website and allows you to push your creativity to new heights. You will get off to a flying start with a blog. It helps you gain rapport with customers, create a platform for your enterprise and put your profile on the radar.

With a freelance writing blog, you can transform your site into a service-based platform. The essential features of a superior blog include a Hire Me Page, Portfolio, About Me, Testimonials and Contact Form with links to LinkedIn, email or Skype.

“Earn a Living” Is Subjective

Earning a living as a freelance writer will mean different things depending on who you ask. For some, footing bills, paying a mortgage or fueling a car daily will fill the bill. Similarly, living standards vary because of income disparities. Premium packages propel you to the middle-class while unstable income puts your financial future into jeopardy with declined savings. You have to remember freelance writing will throw challenges at you and may not payoff in six-figure overnight. Staying ahead of the pack in an oversaturated market takes a well-thought out strategy.

How Much Do Content Writers Make?

You can pluck off any figure from the air because you have to consider a cluster of factors. A vast majority of writers live off with low-paying tasks and maintain low profile. They go for simple projects that bring in a few bucks without racking their brains. Some writers work for behemoth corporations and top-ranking brands in return for eye-popping salaries.

On the whole, your net earnings depend on the nature of your work, complexity and how much you charge. Remember the modern-age saying; your network is your net worth. One client can give you referrals to other businesses and create new opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

Final Thoughts

Writing offers plethora opportunities for serious professionals or hobbyists. You can start as a blogger, freelancer, academic writer or copywriter to find your footing. Having an open-minded approach and thick skin allows you to learn more to hone your skills. Successful writers are amongst the most well-read people in the world. We encourage freelance writers to take advantage of the internet to multiply their fortunes.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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