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Can Google Cloud Consulting Help Me Optimize My Cloud Spending?

The cloud computing platform is a platform where cloud applications runs. As we know, it’s an online platform that can be accessed via the internet. SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are the three service models provided by cloud vendors. Among major cloud vendors, Google Cloud Platform is the best. Google cloud computing supports better computation through improved resource utilisation and reduced infrastructure costs. The cost involved in setting up a cloud service for your business, especially it provides scale-up and scale-down as per demand and at the same time reduces operational expenses. Are there any ways to optimize cloud costs in Google Cloud Computing? If so what are they? We will find in this article the best ways to optimise cloud spending.

Google Cloud Consulting

Cloud computing is a modular set of cloud-based services that provide the building blocks your business can use to develop from simple websites to sophisticated web-based applications. Cloud platform resources are hosted in multiple locations worldwide. GCP is made up of regions and zones. In Google Cloud Computing, zones have high bandwidth and high latency network connections to other zones in the same region. There, GCP results can be classified as global, regional or zonal.

Managing resources on the GCP is easier than you contemplate with many top-notch tools and libraries. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Cloud Platform Products

  • Compute Engine
  • App Engine
  • Container EngineVMs
  • Managed VMs

Technical Benefits of using a Public Cloud

Several key performances benefits motivate your business to public cloud

  • Uptime

Google Cloud Computing provide legally binding service-level agreements that guarantee uptime for their infrastructure. Your business can truly benefit from extended uptime.

  • Resource Utilization

Your business’s application resources need to vary by time. Wide visibility on resource usage patterns across their customers and typically cluster them based on industry.

  • Expertise

With the help of Google cloud consulting services, Google Cloud Platform offers experienced system and network administrators along with 24*7 hardware maintenance. You can directly access this pool of experts. You need not train, recruit and upskill talent, especially if the deployment size is small.

Google Cloud Consulting 

Google cloud consulting is a service provider that provides bespoke cloud solutions to meet the diverse needs of your business. Google cloud experts are veteran people with long years of experience formulating the best solution with the Google Cloud Platform. Considering the above-mentioned benefits of the Google Cloud Platform having expertise in GCP will be added advantage for your business. They have got specialised knowledge, tools and technologies to help your business save more on cloud spending.

Financial Governance in Google Cloud Consulting

Google Cloud Platform is built on world-class infrastructure that Google designed, assembled and uses for corporate products like Google search which delivers billions of search results within a flick. GCP empowers software application developers to build, test, deploy and monitor applications using Goolge’s highly scalable infrastructure. Your business can be free from on-premise and get many advantages. However, lack of financial governance can be a tricky point when you use GCP. Therefore, you need to be mindful and employ real-time monitoring to avoid cloud spending. Cost management is a major challenge in IT and finance are the two key points in the optimisation of cloud spending. Tools that are easy to use and that help uncover opportunities for optimizing costs and usage are business-critical. Fortunately, those tools are now available.

Measures help to determine cloud spending

  • Close collaboration between IT and finance 

Eliminating unauthorized access and overrunning the budget is possible if you have a keen collaboration between finance and your IT resources. Your business can easily set budgets, forecast spending and report spending.

  • Great planning and predictability 

Having a great plan and foreseeing predictable use are two things that help you secure your business smoothly while accelerating IT cost management processes.

  • Using the controls effectively

Controls that manage cloud resources, controls that manage the consumption rate of cloud resources and controlling spending are the three distinct controls your business can use effectively at different points.

In a few words

Cloud cost governance is achievable if your business has the expertise and support like Google Cloud Consulting Services. They can help you derive at conclusion about cloud spending by reviewing your current public cloud usage at the same time help you achieve less cloud spending using the GCP platform. Implementing a financial management process with regard to the public cloud is necessary to experience low cloud spending, An adept Google cloud consultant can contemplate on above three points and help you implement the best strategies in order to optimise cloud spending.

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