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Cable Management Made Easy with Few Practical and Sensible Steps:

Electronic equipment such as computers, servers and printers are handy to automate a lot of work but they do come with strings i.e Cables. Cables are required to connect these gadgets to the power source and interconnect them with each other for fluid workflow. As much as using high end technology is crucial in today’s world, managing cables efficiently is essential too. Server rooms or software companies need constant and efficient cable management for decluttering, efficient space utilization, prevent accidents and irreversible damages. Hiring professional cable management services makes this process a lot easier. Below mentioned few steps could really come in handy for managing them efficiently.

Cable Management

Cutting edge accessories: Cable management is no cakewalk as companies need to be constantly on their toes to keep cables intact. The first step towards efficient cable management is using latest accessories in the field such as vertical or horizontal panels, wire organizing channels, Velcro straps etc. Need is the mother of invention and manufacturing companies are going creative and innovative in coming up with handy tools for efficient wire management. When it comes to server rooms, cables can really come in the way, hence it is important to use effective gadgets to keep them in place and securely tied up.

Color coding cables: Cables can really drive us nuts if they are not systematically maintained. Color coding cables is one big step towards organizing entwined and piled up wires especially in server rooms. It is a useful practice to agree upon a specific color standard for cables and consistently practice the same on all the servers. This will give an organized look and allow people to work efficiently.

Bundle up related ones: Loose wires can cause a lot of confusion as they get entwined quickly and more importantly they could cause accidents through trips and falls. Hence it is a practical to bundle or tie related cables together so that they can be tucked and maintained in an orderly fashion. Velcro ties, scissor clips and cable ties are some of the tools that help in keeping them together and in turn free some space.

Good quality cables: Always use good quality heat resistant and compact cables made using latest technologies. They will help in reducing overall maintenance costs, occupy less space and last long.

Organized stacking: One of the important steps in cable management is avoid stacking them on top of each other. Cables generate heat and inappropriate stacking could lead to damages and even cause fire accidents if unattended for a long time.

Efficient use of server racks: Nowadays server racks come with space/slots to tuck cables and in turn give servers a tidy look. Installing efficient server racks is a wise one time investment that not only helps you in efficient cable management but also lead to good space management.

Length of cables matter: In server rooms, cables can really take up a lot of space and make them look as chaotic as they can ever get; hence always go for required lengths of wires at all times. It is important to keep a full proof plan while dealing with cable lengths so that they can help in saving money and space.

Run them as a unit: When it comes to efficient cable management, there are no shortcuts but only devise an accurate plan basis the physical space availability and equipment in use. Cables need to be run as one unit across all the servers so that they look organized and also make sense for everyone who works and will work in the room. Effectively utilize all the nooks and corners of the server racks to ensure that cables do not pile up in the pathway.

At the end of the day, it is always helpful to invest good amount of time in coming up with a good cable management plan while setting up server rooms as it saves a lot of time, money and energy. It is certainly a manageable task to achieve but could get out of hand very quickly if left unattended. Cable management is not just one time setup session but requires constant supervision and time to time up gradation to ensure smooth workflow at all times and suntec-it professional services are the best in the field.

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