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Buying YouTube Views to Grow Your Channel

Buying YouTube Views to Grow Your Channel

Did you create a YouTube channel and wondering how to get views to expand your business?

No doubt, your primary aim of wanting to grow your channel is to reach more people and have a personalized touch with your prospective clients or audience.

YouTube uses algorithms that rank videos based on the number of views, likes, and dislikes, as well as comments.

That said, if you want to stay on top of the game, you should take the number of likes incredibly seriously.

However, growing your views and taking your channel to the top position isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Making the wrong decision when buying the views could be as devastating as having no views at all.

In this piece, we’ve highlighted what you need to know about buying YouTube views, that would help in instilling confidence to users and give people psychological impressions that would last longer.

Buying Quality YouTube Views

Nearly all the large Telcos and telecommunication companies have a fine line between poor and good quality content.

Various workforce studies show that they spend billions of dollars every financial year to differentiate legitimate users from the generic ones.

If you want to move your video to a higher position and get a more solid client base, you’ll certainly need to buy YouTube views through the following three methods: organic purchase, running YouTube ads and buying actual views out rightly.

· Buying YouTube Ads

A mammoth of YouTube owners create millions of views through purchasing YouTube ads.

Examples of companies include Grammarly, binary options, and bitcoin mining companies.

Through purchasing ads, they get millions of views by scaling marketing campaigns of their companies to an entirely new level.

On average, an ad costs 12-15 cents per view. In other words, if you have 100 ads and they get 80 views per day for a month, you’ll have a steady stream of at least $300 every month.

Like any other method, this approach may have its associated downside in the sense that people hate seeing lots of adverts in a YouTube video.

Have you ever opened your YouTube playlist, and you find it’s stuffed with hundreds of adverts concealed in yellow dots along the navigation line?

No doubt, you’ll get bored by continually having to skip the ads, and you’ll more likely look for another video with few or no adverts.

While this method has proven to be efficient for most YouTube subscribers, you have to buy adverts moderately to avoid scaring away potential viewers.

· Organic YouTube Views

Popular videos that are highly ranked undoubtedly get lots of views and likes.

It’s incredibly easy to rank a video to the top spot on YouTube than in google. Unlike Google, where you have to do lots of keyword research and adhere to Search Engine Optimization guidelines, ranking a video on YouTube involves more of “keymode,” skill, and time.

Admittedly, this approach is one of the simplest ways to produce a YouTube view – you’ll only need sufficient time and skill.

· Buy Views

This method may be a bit counter-intuitive to what most people say.

While buying views may not reflect the actual milestones achieved by your YouTube channel, it’s a marketing plan that works well for most YouTubers.

Besides, you can use your rankings by purchasing subscribers, dislikes, comments, and reviews to control what people see and perceive.

Buying Real Views Vs. Bots

You may be wondering whether buying views is a legitimate way of having live subscribers, or you’ll be buying bots.

Essentially, when you buy views, they are click farms emanating from websites that are visited frequently or from those with lots of traffic.

While these viewers are humans – not bots – you shouldn’t assume that they would turn out to have a future engagement with you.

Keep in mind that purchased YouTube views have lots of disparity since you’ll have different options to buy from different countries.


Growing your YouTube channel is one of the most efficient ways to reach a larger audience and have a personal touch with your subscribers.

Since the current YouTube market is divided into two major categories: organic and inorganic, channels with low video viewing are often thrown back in the rankings.

It’s imperative to reach a larger audience to enjoy the long-term benefits of having a successful YouTube channel.

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