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Buying Your Own Drone Soon? Here Are Ways You Can Use Them

So you’ve got yourself your own drone as a gift, or bought it yourself because of the awesome drone reviews and videos you saw online. Don’t know where to start? We can help you! Here are the things you can do with your own drone.

Take a selfie. Well, I’m sure you figured this one out on your own, so there, why not take a couple of your beautiful or handsome face on your drone. Upload it on Facebook to show the world how good-looking you are through the lens of your drone.

Actual photography. Take it a step higher by using your drone as a photographic tool. Drones are becoming more advanced specs and build wise. Some are even on par with SLR cameras. Welcome to the future of photography. Note: commercial use of drones is not yet legal.

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Buying Your Own Drone Soon

Be a spy. We will never suggest using best drones as a means to spy on the hot girl or guy next door, however, you may see what your neighbor is cooking in their backyard – or watch him mowing the lawn, which is a bit less interesting if not awkward.

Race with your friends’ own drones. Just don’t bump into each other, or the precious drone will go down, down down. Who knows, drone racing might become a popular sport in the near future, and why not a drone war?

Parcel and mail delivery. This could be a few years or a decade away, but it’s pretty much certain that drones are the future of parcel delivery. For practical use, you can have your drone deliver something downstairs so you don’t have to.

Area monitoring. Drones can be a cheap way to monitor your home or other properties, giving you extra security. Other institutions are using it for wildlife monitoring, which requires lesser staff and better solution for the environment.

Personal helper. As earlier stated, you can make your drone lift and carry some things for you in your home, in the garden or anywhere else for that matter.

Advertising. You’ve seen blimps and planes drag around banners at high altitude, why don’t you do the same with your drone? You will surely save money and time by advertising your product, service or idea on a drone flown a banner instead.

Film awesome videos. Many awesome videos that were shown this year were filmed by drones. Whilst this new filming style was reserved for those who could pay to take a helicopter in the air to obtain the shots, it is now possible to capture 1080p videos even if you have a budget less than $1,000.

Running companion. No running partner? No problem! Buy a drone instead. AirDog, a type of autonomous flying drone can follow whoever is wearing the special tracker bracelet.

Entertain you non-stop. Let’s face it. People buy drones for the sole purpose of flying it just for fun. Hobbyists just love flying them and uploading awesome videos and photos to their social media accounts.

If you’re yet to purchase your own drone, then consider the drone reviews available online. Have fun!

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