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Business Marketing Stats for SMS Marketing

The best tool for applying SMS marketing strategy is through Mobile Phone. And now it is quite so simple because everyone own hi-fi smart phone, iPhone, advanced gadgets etc. This is the point which the business person can make use of it wisely.

In the current scenario, the business person follows SMS advertising to attract large group of customers and is confirmed to take part in all mobile marketing stratagem. Not only does it encompass a broader accomplishment of direct marketing, it bring into play an instantaneous and friendly way of approaching. Most of the people are attracted towards SMS Marketing where they can get goods and services in a faster mode. It saves time and energy. At present, taking the benefits of SMS marketing into consideration, several companies, such as Tatango, have come up with a range of services for their clients. With user-friendly software, marketing through SMS can help in reaching out to target users with much ease.

Every year, the research persons will do survey with the customers about how many people are getting benefitted with text marketing, which ecommerce store is giving huge benefit to customers etc.

Based on this survey, the business person can come to know about the needs of customers. It is always advisable to analyze the statistical survey of particular e-commerce store. To be successful, Each SMS marketing store should be different from other. The ratings will be given based on the performance of product and satisfaction level of the customer.

Why Marketing Stats?

By conducting and analyzing, marketing stats helps the business firm to recognize and scrutinize problems. Automatically it results to have better understanding of market opportunities and the in addition to develop the efforts marvelously. By creating text messages, it is so simple process for conveying a business communication to a fastidious group of people is termed as SMS Marketing. The dealer can launch all information related to product information, attributes of products, added advantage like gift coupons, credit points, discounts etc, attractive advertisements, through text messages. It is also one of the best strategies where the manufacturer or business people can have jam-packed product promotions with regulars digitally.

Highlights of Text Marketing Stats

Over and above 90% of the population are viewing text messages within a matter of seconds and now the marketing field is getting maximum advantage of it. If any business person want to know whether his/her business travel on the right path, it is necessary to analyze the performance by conducting research and get results based on Marketing Stats for SMS Marketing. The business person can prepare a questionnaire related to parameters like layout/ design of the store, easy payment process, numerous payment modes, attract customers by displaying product at right place and at right time, active participation in sending and reading text messages say SMS, custom-made buying experience, effective usage of mobile apps to send text messages, and finally reviews, if any.

It is expected that the global sales to be increased with SMS marketing and identify sales will reach more than 4.5 trillion dollar in 2021 and 246.15% increase in worldwide marketing sales. Based on statistical results, the expansion of sending messages process entirely tag on a three-stage worldwide trail like Top-tier markets, Middle-tier (second wave), Wait and see. These three stages comprise so many countries where top tire countries like Japan, United Kingdom, USA, Australia have highly developed presence of business where text messages are keep working successfully and  physical infrastructures etc whereas second wave countries like Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil have strict conjugal and political regulations, beginners and last but not least wait and see countries are Argentina, Nigeria have unstable political issues, underdeveloped infrastructures where they have to struggle to develop SMS marketing concept. Based on the latest report

Out of the total population, approximately 62% of people use mobile phones for the purpose to check the latest and new messages, 79% of people use electronic gadgets like SmartPhones, iPhone to know for latest news in the morning time. In that population, 48% of females check out the presence of mobile phones and check for new text messages.

To conclude, the whole world is interweaved with the association of internet and mobile phone. The process of sending new messages related to particular product or business should be on daily basis and is carried out on proper time consequently it will not take massive time for carrying out marketing process significantly.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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