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Business Intelligence Consulting

Business intelligence (BI) consultants help businesses connect their data to actionable insights that improve performance. They interpret data, identify important trends and furnish other departments or managers with information to guide decision making.

In an increasingly data-rich world, businesses need to be able to use information to make decisions. BI consultants help companies get the most out of their data to maximize their profitability and efficiency.

Business Intelligence Consulting

POWER BI CONSULTANTS Serve your Business Intelligence & Interactive Reporting Development Services

Business intelligence consulting offers a 360-degree view of your business operation through a blend of services, frameworks, apps, and software that collect data from varied sources and convert them into useful information. Power BI helps you understand how your business is functioning, identify areas for improvement and achieve higher returns on investment.

Whether your Power BI platform is hosted on premise or in the cloud, our experts can help you develop compelling visual reports that connect and analyze data from multiple source systems. Our online and onsite expertise includes system design, programming, troubleshooting, and training.

Our expert consultants can also configure Power BI reports and dashboards to integrate interactive, real-time visualizations within popular applications, custom software, or web pages. This improves the democratization of your business intelligence environment, enabling employees to access and share reports more easily from any device.

Power BI experts are skilled at creating powerful reporting and analysis solutions to deliver the insights your organization needs to drive better decisions and more agile market moves. With effective training and collaboration, your Power BI users can quickly gain the data they need to make more informed and faster business decisions.

We are a Microsoft Partner

Business intelligence consulting is a hot and growing niche in the enterprise technology space. A good Power BI consultant can help you visualize your data in a way that improves your bottom line, while saving time and money. Whether you need an ad-hoc solution, or a turnkey solution tailored to your needs, we have you covered.

Our team of experts can design and deploy a custom business intelligence platform that is both powerful and affordable. We’ll deliver a fully featured solution that will provide you with the most useful information in the most streamlined and efficient manner possible. Having the best business intelligence platform in your arsenal is essential for achieving true operational efficiency and enabling your organization to take advantage of new business opportunities.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, which means we have the resources to help you implement Power BI in your organization in the most effective manner possible. Powered by the latest Microsoft technology, we will be able to help you find the solution that will not only make your company more effective, but also more profitable in the long run.

We are a Microsoft Certified Partner

Whether you need help with implementing and upgrading Power BI or have an existing solution, a Microsoft Certified Partner can provide the expertise and support that your business needs.

Microsoft’s data visualization tool, ‘Power BI’, delivers actionable insights across your organization in the form of immersive reports and interactive dashboards. These reports can be accessed from any device, anywhere, helping you to make faster and more informed decisions based on facts.

We deliver end-to-end Power BI services that include implementation, data migration, data integration, and analytics. These solutions are designed to enable everyone at every level of your organization to gain confidence in their decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics.

Blue Margin uses Microsoft Azure Services and Power BI to create powerful reporting solutions that help you solve your business problems. We have helped many organizations from 50 to 5,000+ employees across multiple industries extract the full value of their data.

We are a Microsoft Partner

As a Microsoft Partner, we have the skills and knowledge to help your organization make the most of Power BI. From implementing and upgrading a Power BI solution to ensuring it stays relevant to your company’s changing needs, we can guide you through the process.

Using the Microsoft platform to drive data-driven decision-making is an essential part of modern business strategy. Businesses are able to monitor their performance and gain actionable insights that can be used to increase revenue and grow the bottom line.

However, business intelligence isn’t an easy task to undertake by yourself – it requires a team of highly skilled experts with expertise in the area and a high level of dedication. Recruiting and training new employees can be costly, especially for a small or mid-sized business.

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