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Building Hits for Your Linkable Assets

Linkable assets are a seriously important part of your SEO and digital strategy. They are features or valuable content on your website that is compelling enough to attract backlinks from other websites. They are like a digital currency to build your authority in the digital landscape. So, let’s find out more about creating shareable linkable assets, and ultimately gaining more clicks and conversions.

Hits for Your Linkable Assets

Top Types of Digital Assets

For a successful link-building campaign, high-quality and high-value assets are a priority. So, what types of digital content and assets are most prized and attract backlinks from authoritative websites? Some of the most useful linkable assets are research and statistics; infographics; case studies; and free tools, such as a conversion tool.

SEO Boosting Linkable Assets

Content is king in SEO! One of the top goals of any SEO marketing campaign is to build an SEO linkable asset and quality content that ranks high for targeted keywords. That’s why linkable assets and link-building services are so paramount in this process. A good example is a useful, up-to-date statistic, like the ‘number of daily Google users’ that utilizes a targeted keyword and organically attracts backlinks. If you create pieces of content that teach people something or that are searchable to use in the creation of their own content, blogs and articles, then you’ll naturally keep people coming back. When creating a swag of digital linkable assets, think carefully of how much value they add. Are they insightful, well-crafted and/or newsworthy? So, once you’ve created your content pieces, how do you start building hits on these useful digital nuggets of information? Let’s dig even deeper.

A long-term strategy with link building services

In a crowded digital marketplace, it’s important to enhance your linkable assets for SEO. All those small details, such as meta tags and file names and sizes, can all help with boosting SEO. Even simply updating the title of your file asset with targeted keywords can increase visibility. You also want to consider whether your key content assets are shareable. Are they compelling enough in a busy digital landscape to really stand out? Powerful linkable assets are also an excellent long-term strategy — they keep on attracting hits through targeted keywords long after your content asset was created.

The bottom line

Linkable assets are a way for other websites and brands to link back to your content and vouch for your online identity and brand power. The best types of assets are authentic, original and shareable. Let’s leave you with a few final points to leverage your digital assets and get more and more hits on them, now and in the future.

  • Engage with viewers through social media platforms with shareable assets
  • Create valuable content that resonates with your target audience
  • Remember to think about SEO in the creation of your assets: meta tags, keyword placement, the correct file sizes and formats for shareability.
  • Make sure your digital assets are mobile-friendly, fast-loading and responsive
  • Use link building services to save time, and money and gain a higher ranking
  • Click here if you need support with link building services in Australia.

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