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Building A Robust Spotify Promotion Strategy To Boost Your Plays

Spotify is a great platform for uploading your music tracks and getting in touch with other artists. Veterans, beginners and even experts are found over it.

Being a talented music artist may not just be enough for satisfying your hunger and therefore it will be quite important for you to rise above everyone else, or at least create a high standard. That high standard can be of your name and even your professional life.

You can set that high standard through Spotify as it provides you with the option of uploading your tracks over it. It has a huge user base and the platform is very famous as it is one of its kind. In foreign countries, it has been preferred over most of the audio sharing as well as listening platforms. But quite a while ago, Spotify was even launched in countries like India. And yes indeed, even Indian users have shared their positive reviews with the app officials. So it’s pretty lucid that the platform has a lot of potential, and it can take you to the next level. But for that, it’s important to have some promotion and marketing strategies for your channel.

A Robust Promotion Strategy

For promoting, spreading the message is important. And how can you promote your tracks to make it score more plays on Spotify?

Well for that you can opt for offline sources such as magazines, newspapers, etc., where you can post information about your channel and work. You can go with other printing services.

While we are talking about offline marketing, you might be aware of the fact that paying for it to get played can be quite costly. So then what are the cheaper methods? Well they are online marketing platforms and companies.

Online platforms for professionals

There are platforms where you can share links of your songs, and even your professional profile as a music artist. LinkedIn is one such great example which provides you such a great exposure to the outside world, where professionals are sitting, keeping a close eye on talented individuals. This website allows you to share your working life with other users, and you also get to share your position of responsibility and other important things about your job.

And with that, as a music artist, you can share details about your work and experience. Even if a director, you can share necessary details about stuff. And that’s how it allows you to connect with other music artists sitting out there. You can send your demos or links to your songs on Spotify to get your first plays on it or to collaborate with them, if you think that it will be beneficial for you. So in a way, you will be promoting your tracks.

Then moving ahead, you also have social media platforms where you get brilliant options such as Instagram, Facebook, and all the rest.

Getting more plays by using Instagram and Facebook

Instagram provides you an option of creating a business handle, where you can link your email id, contact, etc., and in case of queries or business enquiries, people can also contact you directly. The one perfect option to run an artist’s profile is that you can put a link to your song on Spotify and to announce it with posts and stories. This will help you to multiply the number of Spotify plays and boost up your rankings on any other platform you host your music at. Therefore, the whole process of marketing your music or a brand will become quite easy.

Facebook can also help you in creating your own page, where you can go by your stage name or some other name. And Facebook also allows you enter and create communities, where you can add all your friends and followers. If you have groups or broadcasts, then it will be a lot easier for you to keep its members updated and share your songs or podcasts. Taking advantage of all the opportunities Facebook offers for promoting any media product would bring your music a great number of plays on Spotify or SoundCloud.

Why buying Spotify plays?

Everybody knows how it is difficult to start something new, especially if it is about music, where the competition is so high. It is always a tough story to get your songs played at the very beginning, at the moment when you just uploaded it – such platforms as Spotify are occupied by dozens of artists and it is very easy to get lost in gigabytes of music the world uploads daily. That’s why a complex marketing strategy usually includes some paid boosts to help a song get heard on Spotify. You can build one with some good supplier such as PlaysWiz to buy Spotify plays on your songs –  they can be easily accessed by the link from here. And we are talking about some a wide variety of paid boosts for this platform. Wes, many use it to give their music a push on the start. It’s cheap and effective, so it’s worth paying a little money to make your songs look better with more plays on it while you race for going popular.

These all methods can prove to be useful for you.

More importantly, you should also look forward to big music directors or producers. You should look for an opportunity of working with them, as they can further suggest your names for big projects. If you find your breakthrough, then boy oh boy, you will never face a paucity of fans and followers! And in fact, when all of them will be directed towards your Spotify profile, you will get a great number of plays.


Scoring more and more plays with your songs will further attract the audience towards your music and your name, as huge numbers always attract the attention of people from all around the world! It’s time to spread the word!

As it turns out, these are some of the tips for getting a lot of Spotify plays. There might be some other points too, but if you focus on these, then you can win the game!

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
Ann Castro is a lead author at Techicy who writes on Technology, Home Improvement, and Businesses around the world. With a background in Journalism, Ann has a professional experience of more than seven years working with some of the big media companies. She is also an avid traveler, a singer, and a guitarist.


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