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Boosting Internal Communications: The Power of Employee Digital Signage

Digital signage presents a dynamic opportunity to build company culture and streamline staff communications. More than just announcements, powerful employee-facing displays engage, inform, and connect dispersed teams across locations. Follow these best practices for deploying employee digital signage to unite your workforce.

The Power of Employee Digital Signage

Determine Key Locations for Maximum Visibility

Thoughtfully position displays for high visibility and impact. Beyond lobbies, target congregation points like breakrooms, cafeterias, meeting spaces, and elevators where passers-by can digest content. Place additional screens along thoroughfares with heavy staff movement and traffic.

Tailor signage size and quantity based on volume — using repetitive 46” or larger displays in expansive areas like company cafeterias and prominent widescreens up to 98” for lobbies or auditoriums to capture attention. Visibility and reach should drive placement logistics.

Curate Engaging Content that Resonates

Effective employee communication platform goes beyond static announcements to deliver enticing value. Curate content that motivates, educates, and aligns workers around company goals. Show leadership updates, employee spotlights, training tutorials, event promotions, and community initiatives.

Keep messaging dynamic by mixing corporate announcements with fun lifestyle content like health tips, workplace polls, social events, local weather, and job perks. This all demonstrates the organization’s commitment to enriching work life.

Mix & Schedule Content for Maximum Impact

A set-it-and-forget mindset leads to disengagement. Instead, actively program signage for perpetual freshness. Intersperse corporate memos with evergreen lifestyle content that refreshes automatically via content management platforms.

Schedule key announcements ahead of time, such as executive messages launching a new internal initiative. Use real-time data like local weather or job openings to stay current. Avoid overload by keeping most content concise and snackable while employees pass by.

Incorporate Interactive Elements to Boost Engagement

Digital signage allows incorporating interactive features that grab attention, like user-generated content, touch controls, wayfinding maps, or prize giveaways. Encourage employees to submit photos from company volunteering events or achievement badges earned to recognize their participation.

Install wayfinding touchscreen kiosks, enabling staff to easily locate conference rooms, departments, or cafes. Gamify displays with prize codes or fun quizzes that tap into competitive camaraderie and amplify word-of-mouth.

Tie Messaging into Other Internal Channels

Amplify messaging by integrating signage with existing intranets, mobile apps, internal social networks, newsletters, and training platforms. Repurpose leadership video addresses or training microlearning modules for screens to expand reach.

Redirect viewers to register for events, enroll in development programs, or apply for job openings advertised on signage using custom QR codes or shortened URLs — driving deeper engagement beyond passive viewing.

Analyze Performance and Continually Optimize

Monitor content performance using analytics like dwell time, tap interactions, and impressions to identify high- versus low-interest areas. Remove less effective messages and double down on what works.

Regularly swap older evergreen content with new lifestyle stories or need-to-know corporate updates to keep programming feeling fresh. Incorporate feedback surveys to guide enhancements aligned with what employees want to see.

As a platform that employees actively notice, digital signage can transform disconnected spaces into vibrant hubs of community and culture when programmed effectively. Thoughtfully leverage this medium to reach, motivate, and engage your distributed workforce wherever they congregate. What messages will you share to inspire your team?

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