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BitQT Review 2020: The Best Auto Trading Platform For Beginners

Cryptocurrency traders earn a lot of money in the market as there are many cryptocurrencies out there. As people are becoming rich, you might think there is nothing left for you. Nevertheless, this is not a limited market, and you don’t require a lot of experience. Everyone can utilize an auto trading robot to invest in cryptocurrencies. In the market, there are many but it is hard to know which ones are legal without joining and trying them. BitQT is one of the better options in the auto trading market.

BitQT Review 2020

What is BitQT?

BitQT enables the user to trade cryptocurrencies systematically. This auto-trading platform requires the user to open an account and add some money to it. Then, live trading can be done and earn money.

How does BitQT function?

BitQT utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning so that the robots can begin/finish trading for the user. The user can make money without any worry or stress.

How to use BitQT?

The first step the user has to do is open an account, make some initial deposit, and then activate the software for auto trading. The robot then takes over and keeps the initial capital when the live trading is over. The user has to fund the account (minimum amount is $250) to start trading on BitQT.

How to start trading on BitQT?

Step 1: Account Registration

This is the first step for creating an account on BitQT. It is a quick process since the user doesn’t need a lot of data. While other trading platforms need a lot of information.

Step 2: Demo Trades

This is a good feature known as demo trading on BitQT. We discovered that when auto trading platforms offer a demo, it means they are fair and transparent. With this feature, the user can see how the trading robot functions with forged money so that the user can understand the system better.

Step 3: Live Trading

The process for live trading is very easy on this simple. The user has to just click or tap a button, which enables the software, and the robot begins trading for the user. The robots survey the crypto market in seconds and discover the best trends for trading. Once the trend is found, the system starts and completes the deal for the user. That’s why the funds are needed in the account.

Step 4: Transferring Money to the Account

Before the user starts with trading, there should be money in the account for the robots to access. We found the process to send money to our account was easy. There are various payment choices available, like MasterCard, Skrill, Visa, and PayPal.

Best Features Of BitQT:

  • Verification System: The user must submit personal information to authenticate the account. This is a vital step to verify and check that the information of the owner is accurate.
  • Payouts: The payout system of the platform is highly accurate and transparent with its dealings. The system determines the user’s payout and the user gets the money when the live trading session is completed.
  • Withdrawal System: BitQT just takes 24 hours to finish the transaction when the live trading is done. Also, there are not any kind of hidden fees.
  • Customer Support: There is a support system for 24/7 for user convenience.
  • Service Charges: After completing a live trading session, BitQT eliminates some of the profit (a small percentage). 

The best part about this platform is that the user never has to invest a lot. The minimal deposits are around $250, which enables the user to analyze the system better and discover how it functions, all while the money is getting multiplied. We would recommend to users that once your live trade session is completed, it is quite essential to do withdrawals. Stay updated with the market and don’t take unnecessary risks.

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