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Best Tips And Tricks For Online Escape Rooms

Remote, web-based brain-teasers and puzzles are hitting an all-time high, what with most things becoming accessible via the internet now more than ever before. The same can be said of virtual escape rooms.

For Online Escape Rooms

Although it’s all fun and games (pun intended), what with being with your friends and family in these escape-room activities, there are professionally verified tips and tricks you can observe to escape the room in a jiffy.

1. The Game Guide Is Your Lifeline

With virtual escape rooms being absolutely enjoyable and entertaining to-dos, surveys show that a majority of players jump into them blindly. By “blindly”, we mean without consulting the provided Game Guide extensively.

Treat your Game Guide as your primary reference for the workings and schematics within the room. It is, after all, a resource that is meant to help escape room players get through obstacles and find clues with much more ease than without. Refer to its guidelines and tips. Don’t jump into the game without consulting the guide, first and foremost.

2. Let Everyone Have His And Her Say

Communication is vital in team escape room games (and in any type of team-based activity, for that matter). What we want to emphasize here is how each member should be given the floor to present their ideas relating to the room-sized puzzle.

When it comes to virtual escape rooms, it’s almost inevitable that some people may talk over the rest. This is true especially with those who have very straight-from-the-shoulder, domineering personalities. Hence, the assigned team and/or cluster leaders have the responsibility to encourage those who are less outspoken to showcase their ideas, too.

3. Zoom. Or Similar Apps

Having external apps up and running, aside from the virtual escape room platform itself, is a great tool for enhancing communication within the group. Zoom is a medium wherein groups can seamlessly meet and communicate with each other real time. And with as few lag-times as possible (The recent global pandemic saw the videotelephony app get rid of such platform kinks, and has drastically improved its user-friendliness and connectivity capacity).

You and your teammates can conveniently discuss tactics for hopping over obstacles through these types of applications. Just ascertain that everyone has it downloaded at least 30 minutes before the game is commenced. That, and members are to be given the meeting IDs and passcodes ahead of time as well.

4. The Split-Screen Default

Once you have your virtual Escape Room Santa Clara favors pulled up on your screen, open it on split screen, side by side with your Zoom app. Through this approach, you won’t have to switch from one page to the other. Minimizing and maximizing pages which will eventually get in the way of solving the puzzle quickly can be avoided altogether.

5. Going Old School With Pen And Paper

Pulling up a web-based shareable document or sheet is a definite plus. But to amp it up a level higher is to have a pen and paper with you. Old school. This can allow you to immediately jot down as much puzzle hints as possible, on the spot.

You can then share them with your teammates via said shareable document and/or sheet for Zscape Games San Ramon California recommends.

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