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Best SMS Tracker Apps for iPhone

Currently, two types of devices are dominating the world – one is Android, and another is iPhone. Among them, the user list of Android is longer than iPhone’s user list, but it’s not too short. The popularity of these devices is increased due to multiple apps. By using different apps, people can easily do many works in a nutshell time span.

Apps are also used to track a person’s activities. Sometimes parents are disturbed by their child’s hyperactive behavior. They want to track their child’s phone as their child spends maximum time with his/her phone. In this situation, tracking apps play their important role.

SMS Tracker Apps for iPhone

You can many tracking apps are found for both Android and iPhone devices. Among those apps, SMS trackers are most useful. However, you may confuse about which SMS Tracker will work better or how does SMS Tracker work.

Today I will tell you about SMS Trackers for iPhone. Those tracking apps not only spying messages on an iPhone or iPad, but they will also monitor calls, Social Media activities, GPS location, etc. You also see how these trackers work on a cell phone.

Let’s start the discussion!


mSpy is one of the best SMS tracking app, and it will provide a complete tracking data in an organized way. You can download this app on the Smartphone of kids, teenagers or your employees. This app starts its work immediately after installing. It will provide records without losing anything. It comes text messages logs and many useful features.


SpyBubble is popular among the professional people and parents also install this on your child’s cell phone to monitors their activities. It has come with bubble designed and you can find many spying features along with SMS spying. SpyBubble can show you all text messages both send and received. But it cannot display those messages which are deleted immediately after appearing on the phone. You can get good synchronization speed with this app.


 You can track all SMS with proper synchronization speed, but some removed messages are not displayed in cPanel of it. It can provide very finest solutions, and with the help of this app, you are enabled to intercept all text messages. Text messaging tracking system is used for someone’s safety. This application has come with those features, which are needed to track a person’s activity.


iSpyoo works efficiently when it start its operation for monitoring text messages. But the drawback of this app is it passes over long messages which are received in short time.


TheTruthSpy can trace all messages while it works but the synchronization speed cannot meet your satisfaction.  These days people are spending more time on their phone, so it is necessary to know the truth of their activities. TheTruthSpy app provides you the accurate data of a person.

Final Words

In this article I have discussed five best Text Message tracking apps for iPhone and also said about the activities of those apps. Hope this article will help the readers who are looking for best SMS Tracker for iPhone. We expect your valuable feedback about this article. So share you comment here.

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