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Best Paraphrasing Tools to Avoid Plagiarism

When you write very frequently, the chances of plagiarism become very high. Thus, you might think of using plagiarism detectors, and paraphrasing tools to avoid plagiarism in your article writing, content writing, academic writing, and technical writing.

In this article, 3 best paraphrasing tools to avoid plagiarism are impending to come into your knowledge.

Remove plagiarism with paraphrasing tools

If your text is detected for plagiarism, you might be very worried. In this case, you should not sadden your efforts and enthusiasm; prefer using paraphrasing tools like AI Article Spinner and onlineparaphrasingtool which are of keen importance in 2020.

If your contents have plagiarism, remove plagiarism with paraphrasing tools so that the quality content can be achieved without investing more time.

Paraphrasing tools that can be used to remove plagiarism in content


Do you know about the specific rewriting quality of onlineparaphrasingtool? Do not be worried about the quality of this tool, check the sentence (First sentence of this paragraph) paraphrased in onlineparaphrasingtool.


Did you imagine such exact results in onlineparaphrasingtool? It is a good paraphrasing platform where one can get a new and unique article for free. It does let the meaning become other than the original text. Hence, onlineparaphrasingtool is the best to use in 2020 and onwards.


Articlereword has been greatly used by students in 2020 as it also provides value to its visitors who want rewritten and plagiarism-free articles. In academic writing, articlereword can also bear fruits. Have a look at the sample work of articlereword.

Articlereword 1

A text is pasted in the input text of articlereword for rewriting it. Below image shows the rewritten content.

Articlereword 2

This paraphrasing tool can also make the users over the moon. It is also highly recommended by several people who are experts in using and designing such tools.


Spinbot paraphrasing tool has benefitted students, teachers, and writers very greatly. It gives 100% accurately rewritten content. It removes all plagiarism from the content which is impending to be rewritten. This is going to add somehow better value than other low-quality paraphrasing tools. Have a look at the next two images below to understand the quality of this tool.

The above paragraph is pasted to check the quality of spinbot tool.

Spinbot 1

See the paraphrased content in the below image.

Spinbot 2

What does it mean by the word “plagiarism” in content?

Plagiarism means an illustration of some other writer’s language, concepts, or expressions as one’s own work. It is known as education dishonesty or cheating. There is no permission for this act. Sometimes, there happens to occur accidental plagiarism with those who read extensively, and some sentences or idiomatic structures are remembered in mind.

Such people write a similar sentence while writing a treatise. Hence, the plagiarism is shown in the detectors.

How can we avoid plagiarism?

  1. By using new vocabulary

New vocabulary usage can help to prevent plagiarism in your articles. Thus, try to utilize new words in your write-up. This is an exceptional way to prevent plagiarism and work more on the uniqueness of articles. It will also add a new life to the content as the body of your great ideas will be in modified lexis.

  1. By using paraphrasers

You can prevent plagiarism by using the paraphrasers discussed above. These paraphrasing tools are immensely used by students to maintain the uniqueness of the articles. These tools will help you make your content’s grammar more exact and accurate.

Can writers use the paraphrasing tools?

Yes. There are many types of writers like news editors, editorial writers, content writers, and bloggers who create content hues on a regular basis. They might also tackle the stalemate regarding the uniqueness of content. Paraphrasing tools can help them manage the uniqueness of their articles so that they should not get penalized.

What are the purposes of paraphrasing tools?

Paraphrasing tools are made for removing plagiarism in content. Paraphrasing is a process of creating unique content using new words and style of sentences, but keeping the meaning of text the same as of original text. It is designed for making plagiarism-free content if a written text has the same issues.

How does paraphrasing save time?

In the increased digital era, there are limited resources in every field or profession. Thus, people have to get these resources so that the timely needs can be availed, and they can facilitate themselves in the time of requirements. People have necessities; this is why they are always trying to generate facilitation for themselves.

If content is plagiarized whether it is intentionally or unintentionally, paraphrasing has to be done for making the usefulness of a text. Instead of revising all the text, and editing it, there are paraphrasing tools, which do the same for you free of cost. The content becomes unique after using these tools. So, precious time is saved. If paraphrasing tools were not available, the digital era would have faced a minor decline in the growth.

In academic writing, do paraphrasing tools help in 2020?

Many students have English learning problems. Such students get very low numbers while they are going through midterms in schools, colleges, or universities. They also do not write well. When they have to write semester-wise assignments, which will help them grow GPA or CGPA. If they can’t write well and non-plagiarized assignments, they are going to get nil instead of better grades.

Thus, in 2020, students can get good grades as many paraphrasing tools like onlineparaphrasingtool and prepostseo have been generated to increase their writing potential and remove plagiarism from content.

What are the areas where paraphrasing tools are used extensively?

Paraphrasing tools are mostly used in content writing and academic writing.

  1. Content writing

Freelance content writers are increasing day by day with the increase in freelancing and digitization. Thus, the content writers write more and more. Writers also have to check plagiarism and remove it. For this purpose, they will also have to use paraphrasing tools.

  1. Academic writing

Academic writing involves paraphrasing tools greatly as the assignments, researches, and other writings have to be immune from a single percentage of plagiarism. Thus, academic writing is a field where paraphrasing tools are used the most.

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