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Best Open-Source Fax Server Software for Windows and Linux

Every business aims to maintain efficiency and achieve high output at a reasonable cost. Stand-alone fax machines are no longer used because of their shortcomings in terms of usefulness, security and convenience. In order to send, receive and store fax messages safely, correctly and affordably enterprises now employ computers that are pre-loaded with fax software, a modem and internet connectivity.

Fax Server Software

Fax Server Software:

Software for fax servers makes it possible to use the best features that these instruments provide to send and receive faxes. They ease the burden of sending bulk faxes by automating the majority of the fax management process. They automatically resend faxes to rejected recipients.

They allow the creation of recipient lists and the import of fax numbers. They do not restrict on sending amount of faxes and makes sending fax as easy as printing a document.

The organization can save time and money by using fax server software to deliver several recipients a large number of bulk fax messages at once. They enable scheduling of fax transmissions so that businesses can send them at night and save money. To determine whether the recipient has read the message, they offer alerts.

They can send faxes straight to the recipient’s email box. They do not need a special system and can be placed on network terminals to see fax messages from any system. To establish authentication, they let adding the corporate logo and the concerned official’s signature to the fax document.

Open-Source Fax Server Software:

Something that is open source can be shared and modified by others since it has a straightforward structure. When it comes to open-source fax server software, companies use them to monitor fax consumption and streamline file sending and receiving by keeping everything on a computer. In contrast to actual fax servers, which need a server machine, server software and phone wires, an open-source fax server virtualizes all the services and only requires hard drive space.

Selection of best Open-Source Fax Server Software:

Every business organization has unique requirements for sending and receiving faxes, and this is also true of those requirements. Sending documents may be required by some businesses via email, while others may need using a third-party mobile application. As a result, it is important for you to choose the fax software based on the features and integration you need. The top fax server software having user-friendly filtering tools, thorough information and customer reviews to assist you in selecting the option that best suits your company’s needs.

Here are the top Open-Source Fax Server Software :


ICTFAX is one of the best open-source fax server software featuring private label and multi-tenant internet faxing software. It is built on Angular Framework, Free Switch and ICTCore. It offers White label/Re-branding Multi-tenant and Unlimited Users.

ICTFAX is a gateway application that supports T.38, G.711 pass through, PSTN faxing, Extensions / ATA, REST APIs and Email to Fax, Fax to Email and Web to Fax. Our Rest-APIs give organizations a framework for automating business processes and they also provide internet telephony service providers the ability to provide the following services to their clients.

ii) HylaFAX:

An enterprise-class system for transferring and receiving facsimiles as well as sending alpha-numeric pages is called HylaFAX open source. A client-server architecture underlies the design of HylaFAX Open Source. Clients may submit an outgoing job from any other machine on the network and fax modems may be located on a single machine on a network. Client software is made to be portable and light-weight.

HylaFAX is made to be incredibly durable and dependable. The fax server is built to protect against predicted hardware, software, configuration and general use issues. HylaFAX can handle a high volume of traffic and many modems.

iii) CocoFAX:

Using the web, a Mac application, mobile devices and email clients, organizations can manage their faxes with the aid of CocoFax, a cloud-based fax management system. With CocoFax, businesses may obtain a local or toll-free fax number and save both sent and received faxes on the dashboard for future use. An admin panel is a feature of CocoFax that gives managers the ability to add or delete team members as well as control access to fax numbers and other data. It has various features, like notes, two-factor authentication, multiple recipients, achieving and more. Teams can also schedule faxes, upload or create fax covers and automatically resend missed faxes.

Slack, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Gmail and other third-party email and programmes are among those that CocoFax enables integration with. It offers a help center, email support, a monthly or annual membership and other online customer support tools.

iv) Notifyre:

For transitional messaging, Notifyre is a multi-channel communications platform that offers online fax, SMS, end-to-end encrypted verified messaging and file transfer solutions that are audited by blockchain. With capabilities like fax number porting, customized cover pages, high-definition faxes, fax broadcast, scheduling and more, teams can send and receive faxes online. With capabilities like customization tokens, custom SMS, sender ID, virtual mobile numbers, SMS broadcast and more. It enables managers to send and receive online SMS.

v) eGoldFax:

You may send and receive faxes from desktop apps, email, and web browsers using eGoldFax, high-performance, enterprise-class fax server software for a small business price. Incorporates Microsoft. It is simple to use, inexpensive, dependable, strong and adaptable to any size organization. Fax over IP is supported by eGoldFax, which runs on a Windows server. The eGoldFax Cloud Fax Telephone Services are another service provided by eGoldFax. By using less paper, toner, time and electricity while utilizing eGoldFax, you can save money and protect the environment. Never again will you need to print a fax. Faxes can be routed and received electronically. Fax without printing is possible. It has benefits for security.

By using eGoldFax, you may improve the security of sensitive data within your firm and your compliance with industry requirements.

vi) WestFax:

By sending and receiving encrypted faxes, WestFax, an integrated fax server solution, enables companies in the healthcare, broadcasting, and other industries enhance client contacts. Professionals can use a distinct fax ID to deliver clients private papers and password-protect important messages.

The application programming interface (API) that comes with WestFax enables businesses to customize the system and integrate it with different third-party systems. Users can schedule and fax certain documents to numerous recipients using the broadcasting feature.

vii) Medsender:

The healthcare and insurance industries may communicate documents via fax, email and text messaging owing to Medsender, a document management and file-sharing programme.

A unified interface allows healthcare professionals to locate documents, forward or export them, and receive electronic medical records (EMR) via fax numbers. Managers can track when files are accessed and controlled viewing access with Medsender, which enables them to transmit documents to patients.

Businesses can use Medsender to automatically retry failed and incorrectly delivered transmission. Teams may create compliance reports using built-in cover sheets, audit logs and the recording of digital signatures, permission requests and authorization requests.

viii) Telnyx Suite:

Telnyx is a comprehensive communications platform that offers phone, message and IP services to businesses and organizations. With capabilities like elastic SIP trunking, programmable SMS and more. Telnyx gives users the ability to integrate, control and monitor all of their phone and messaging requirements. To enable multi-tenancy management, users just simply add connections with unique SIP authentication after verifying their accounts. In addition to enabling customers to create SIP trunks to enable outgoing calling and assign connections to calling patterns for on-demand scaling. Telnyx provides buy numbers for incoming calling.

ix) XM Fax:

XM Fax is widely used by various teams in various places in a variety of industries including government, healthcare, banking, education, professional and commercial. The system enables customers to see confidential information from any device and store all faxes online. Users of XM Fax can send or receive faxes via email, a web application, a web browser or mobile devices due to the company’s mobility features.

Broadcast faxing, planned faxing, automatic retry attempts, fax notification, searching PDFs, bar code routing and delivery of fax to remote printers are just a few of the outbound and inbound fax features offered by XM Fax. For auditing purposes, administrators can also download real-time fax reports or logs. The solution may automatically route the faxes to different individuals, groups or programmes. The solution also provides Outlook, SharePoint, Exchange and Office integration.


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