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Best Oil And Gas Software In 2019

The only reason the oil and gas industry has gained so much importance in recent years is its contribution to the production of energy. It has boosted the overall development of all the countries in the world. The price of petroleum has a great impact on the price of other goods and services in today’s’ marketplace. In order to manage the high-cost operations cost and its complexity, industries need project management software that can be used in the business across different modules. It includes procurement, research, distribution, finance, inventory management and control, delivery, or human resources. Let us have a look at some of the best oil and gas software.

  1. Tracts: You can build flowcharts, update reports, add documents, and recalculate interest in Tracts. It also gives you the power to view real-time reports for better monitoring of projects. You can save money by removing unnecessary tasks through the Tracts. It is a kind of centralized system for E&P companies. You can control accuracy, speed, and cost with Tracts.
  2. FieldAP 3D Visual Twin: Field AP can be easily integrated with your backend systems and engineering software that you are already using in your organization. It helps you see more insights in 3D visual representations which lead to smarter decision and improvement in the business. You can even connect with your global team in real-time with the help of FieldAP 3D Visual Twin.
  3. shareware Oil & Gas Accounting Software: With the user-friendly user interface of SherWare oil and gas accounting software you can easily manage business finances, revenue distribution, and interests in one centralized location. It even provides real-time industry-specific data which helps you plan for the future. Land management, revenue distribution, document management, and joint interest billing are some of the core features of this software. It is priced once at $5595 for one user.
  4. Commusoft: An all in one management software, Commusoft allows you to manage productivity even when you are not present in the office. It speeds up the invoicing, delivers amazing customer experience, and helps you complete more tasks every day. It is a combination of various tools including CRM, job management, reporting, support, supplier management, and SLA. It is priced at $25 per month per user.
  5. Call of Service: It simplifies service scheduling and helps you eliminate paper to use for your business. It is specially designed to keep a track on your business profits, schedule service jobs, enhance customer service, as well as to dispatch field workers. You can also schedule an appointment, see job and customer details, and cross verifies the invoice. It costs $40 per month.
  6. GreaseBook Production Software: If you are looking for a cost-effective oil and gas production software, then GreaseBook Production Software is the best one for you. It is specially built for oil and gas operators. It allows you to easily capture notes, move production update directly to your office, administer well tests, and all of these with your mobile devices. You can even access accurate gauge sheets. You can also collaborate with your team in real time.
  7. VMS: VMS (Vertical Market Software) for petroleum contractors helps you to streamline their operational processes and boosts their efficiency. You don’t have to worry about the security of the data, you can use the data to make profitable decisions, and manage equipment in a cost-effective manner. Service management, inventory, and equipment, reporting, and analysis, accounting and payroll are some of the core features of Vertical Market Software.


The most important role in managing the business processes in the oil and gas industry is played by an ERP system. An ERP system is very important because there are a lot of units scattered globally with multifaceted supply chain demands in the oil and gas industry. Companies that utilize this software to its fullest can easily save more money and manage the different aspects of their projects efficiently. With good software, you can keep track of various business detail.

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