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Best New Gadgets Made In 2017

New gadgets were being introduced every year and 2017 has not been an exception to this rule. There is a growing feeling within the market that software has overtaken the world and interesting hardware is no longer being innovated. However, it does not mean that manufacturers have given up on their efforts with innovation. Some of the best new gadgets made in 2017 are being discussed in this article for your benefit. We are certain you will be left amazed just like when you play online slots that manufacturers are still on the path of innovation and are not willing to let the software take the centre stage.

New Gadgets Made In 2017

Let Us Consider Some of the Best Gadgets Made In 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung was confronting a PR disaster with the Galaxy Note 7 and desperately needed a home run. The technology giant from Korea got the boost it needed with the Galaxy S8. The smartphone was redesigned with an amazing screen and extended battery life and also has a great camera to boot. The curved display of the S8 and the smaller bezels together give an impression of having a borderless screen making it highly efficient for displaying games and movies. The S8 isn’t the perfect smartphone on the market because the fingerprint sensor was awkwardly placed during its launch. However, it managed to be a winner for the technological giant.

The LG W-Series Wallpaper TV

Manufacturers of TVs are presently facing an impossible challenge as some casinos like sizzling hot deluxe slot. Consumers are expecting innovative screens, which can make TV shows and movies, look great. They are also demanding fantastic displays, which can blend seamlessly within their living room. LG had the perfect answer to consumers when it released its signature W-series wallpaper TV that managed to accomplish the requirements of consumers perfectly. The wallpaper TV has a 65 in. display and weighs only 16 pounds and most importantly is just .15 inches thick giving the impression that it may be a floating screen on the wall. Magnets are used to mount the TV, which does not require bulky brackets. However, it is the OLED technology that impresses everyone. The talking point of the LG W-series wallpaper TV is also the price of the device, which has been set at $7999.

The eSight 3

The Internet has taken over the world and finding devices like online coffeemakers, juicers and everything else is not becoming a great hassle. However, it is indeed great to find a gadget, which can resolve problems greater than coffee and juice. The eSight 3 is just an over the eye Visor which can help people who are legally blind to navigate by using a combination of high-definition cameras and video display. The live feed is displayed on a pair of OLED displays, which are placed in front of the eyes of the individual. The lightweight device is capable of doing everything from reading and even providing directions. Being a hands-free device and having no input lag from the camera in the front of the screen the eSight 3 can be considered as an augmented reality headset.

The gadgets discussed within this article should give everyone the understanding that manufacturers haven’t given up innovating and are still willing to make the efforts needed to satisfy consumer demands.

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