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Best Gaming Setup Guide 2020

If you are a good gamer and want to build your own gaming setup, this list of the 20 best gaming setups of 2019 will surely give you some really great ideas before you start making one yourself. We discussed 20  configurations  different,  placed  the  description  of their  hardware  and highlighted some key aspects of each game configurations.

We know that PC gaming setups are undoubtedly a difficult and expensive task for gamers. You know, performance comes first, profit is its logical sequence. The comparison with one installation and the next actually varies quite a bit. But a whole gaming empire built means you need a fortune. Here we have gathered all the components, made necessary level for the  middle ranges  of the  higher territory  for the best dream game configurations.

What You Need To Make A Best Gaming Setup In 2020

Choosing the best features for your gaming PC will depend on your budget, the games you play, the desired graphics quality, and of course the appearance of the components.

Gaming PC


When selecting parts for a computer, one is easily tempted by the most high-end components. That said, you should never forget that these devices will be of little interest if you do not have a very specific use (video editing, 2D / 3D animation, 4K / HDR games, virtualization, Flight Simulator 2020, etc. .) and the hardware that accompanies the setup. In short, such a configuration is designed to hold up over time or be at the forefront of the demands of the present. For 2,000 €, here is what we offer you.

The configuration in detail

Processeur : AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

One of AMD’s latest processors based on the new Zen2 architecture engraved in 7nm. It is without a doubt one of the best processors around, skillful in all situations.

Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super

The latest version of Nvidia’s premium graphics card, which will deliver unprecedented in-game performance even at super high definition.Must have on configurations like this, handling ray-tracing, 4K and high refresh rate screens.

Motherboard: ASUS ROG X570-F

One of the best motherboards around with great value for money. It has the advantage of offering cooling for M.2 SSDs and a USB 3.1 port to use the front port.

Mémoirevive : 2 x 16 Go G.SKILL – 3200 MHz & C16

32 GB of RAM will be more than enough for your heaviest tasks. Afterwards, you are free to multiply the onboard GB. The RGB will allow you to increase your gaming skills (that’s wrong).

Processor cooling:#

Noctua NH-D15 A benchmark on the market without going into watercooling: the Noctua NH-D15 cools very well and silently. The brand also has excellent customer service.

Storage for Windows:

SabrentNVMe 500 GB One of the best value for money in pci-express storage. It will guarantee very good performance for Windows and will allow some games to be installed which will benefit from very low load times.

Storage for your data:

 Seagate BarraCuda 2TB A fairly standard reference in HDD storage, but which will provide a significant storage boost. Best price: Less than 90 euros Power supply: Corsair RM650 This reference power supply will provide enough power to power the various components with good efficiency and very good longevity. The fully modular layout simplifies assembly by limiting the number of unused cables.

Gaming Case:

NZXT H510i The H510i is an absolute favorite: it allows for a very orderly arrangement with a small footprint. It has some discreet RGB lights that will enhance your setup if you choose to put it on your desk, which we recommend with this model.

Gaming Desk

ArozziLeggero – For small spaces

The ArozziLeggero gaming desk has a tray fully covered with a mouse pad for both practical and pleasant use since the latter is both waterproof and easy to clean. Designed for small spaces and small surfaces with its 114 cm long, it still has 3 cutouts in its tray to pass the cables (a pocket placed under the desk then collects them) and install up to 3 monitors. At a fixed height, its feet are still adjustable to find the perfect balance!

The ArozziLeggero is in a way the compact version of the Arena gamer desk that we selected above, and that’s also why we liked this model! Although it is a little less worked on the design level and loses its height adjustment, it is just as practical and pleasant to use. It remains understated, the mouse pad coating is really practical, and the design is good, especially for cable management. In addition, the fact that it is small can be interesting when you lack space at home but still want to have fun!

Gaming Desk

Best Gaming Chairs

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair

It’s the perfect choice for all hardcore video game enthusiasts who want a fully immersive experience. You can play all day at your leisure in this ergonomic gaming chair which features realistic extras including vibration technology and powerful built-in gaming speakers. It is easy to store and can be folded in half and stored conveniently. You can even choose to take your chair in the back of your car if you’re going on weekends with friends and can’t stand the thought of being apart.

Besides all the features we have already talked about, this video rocking chair is equipped with a headrest, full back support as well as comfortable armrests. It has been made with a durable vinyl coating that can more than withstand the rigors of intense and frantic gaming sessions. It can also be easily cleaned to keep it clean. You even have the option to connect to multiple X Rocker chairs for the ultimate multiplayer gaming experience. A wireless side control panel can also be used for your headphones or to connect directly to your Xbox, Playstation or Gameboy. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than some of the other gaming chairs we recommend, but it doesn’t

Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 710

Gaming Mouse -SteelSeries Rival 710

It’s hard to missSteelSeries in the gaming world and for good reason: the Danish manufacturer prides itself on creating “innovative products, specially designed for eSports& for passionate gamers”.

If this translates into products with a slightly aggressive design, they nevertheless have above all one of the best levels of finishes on the market, which can easily make the difference when you choose for high-end equipment! This mouse is one of the lightest gaming mouse in 2020

Rival 710: the top-of-the-range wired field mouse

Its predecessor, the Rival 700, had already made a strong impression in 2016 by offering a high-performance mouse that integrated two elements then still unseen in the world of mice: an Oled screen which gives real-time information on the left edge of the mouse, as well as a haptic feedback system which makes it possible to associate vibrations with certain game actions. If the Rival 700 could have been seen a bit like a gadget when it was released, the Rival 710 is now arriving to try to erase its small faults , a rather successful bet in our opinion.

The “gadget” features are still there, but if they seem unnecessary to some, they can be a great argument for others. We thus find the rather nice haptic feedback system on a mouse and the Oled screen which makes it possible to broadcast, for example, information on the selected profile or notifications in real time on certain games or with Discord. Several elements of the shell are removable and interchangeable, however, it will be necessary to have compatible accessories (or simply use a 3D printer) and therefore pay a few more euros for further customization.

Where SteelSeries hits hard is with its sensor. First of all, like the shell it is also interchangeable and the Rival 710 is compatible with a replacement (laser) sensor. However, the strong point of this modular design is above all to be “ready for the future” as the manufacturer announces. Indeed, given its high quality and exemplary finishes, the idea of ​​switching to a more efficient sensor within a few months or years, while keeping the same mouse, seems to us to be quite good.

However, its optical sensor is currently very good! TrueMove 3 provides 1: 1 tracking, no acceleration (up to 3200 dpi). It can reach 12,000 dpi, in increments of 100, supports accelerations of 50 g and offers a response time of 1 ms. In addition, the dualTrueMove 3+ sensor could soon be available in a modular version, the latter takes into account the lifting distance (lift-off) so that the sensor does not move a hair when we replace our mouse!

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