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Best Gaming Glasses To Keep Your Eyes On Gaming

We want to experience every single moment played on the screen like a piece of live action in life. The gaming experience should immerse the senses deep into the action. Gamers witness the thrill of action games as an adrenaline rush in the body. How many time have you felt mind engrossed in the game to the level it forgets which plain is it on? The gaming glasses are a crucial piece of the jigsaw. They are essential for any gamer. Sitting in front of the screen and paying undivided attention for hours requires a protective shield for eyes. You might not have heard or thought about it in depth till now. This gaming glasses guide offer an enhanced game-playing experience.

Best Gaming Glasses To Keep Your Eyes On Gaming

The gaming glasses have two key factors: Superior clarity and eye care. Gamers possessing different skills and experience set need them to have an ultra picture clarity.

What are Gaming Glasses

The functionality of gaming glasses is similar to that of power glasses. There are a few added features as the name suggests: Gaming glasses. Gamers experience dry eyes and eye strain as a result of lighting exposure after hours of game play. The best gaming glasses work at different levels. The anti-reflective nature relaxes eyes during prolonged hours of play, adds extra contrast, enlarges visuals, firm grip protects eyes against dryness.

The larger image ratio is considered an advantage. The reaction time improves as eyes can pick larger images quickly. What a gamer probably likes the most is the ability to get an inch closer to gaming and miles away from the surrounding reality of things. They love the best gaming glasses for being able to turn themselves into the gaming zone and leave everything behind.

  1. Phantom Onyx Marco

Gamers cannot undermine the eye stress caused by some games with extreme UV rays and high-intensity glares. They prefer wearing these glasses for offering better gaming experience and health benefits as we all know.  The weight and comfort aspect makes it a preferred choice. The objective is to add an extra layer of eye protection as it fits the frame to the face stopping the air flow. Gamers can enjoy long gaming sessions without feeling the strain or fatigue.

The hue controls the colour scheme to have uninterrupted playing experience. The stainless steel frame and customised silicone-made nose pads, 60 mm lens width, 120mm temple length and 16mm bridge make it a winning combination. The slim-line design offers headset compatibility to the gamers. The equal pressure distribution further adds to the experience level.

  1. Gunnar Optiks INT-00101

A full-rim frame with a broader framework fits the heads of different sizes and shapes. The weight-adjustment feature makes them an excellent addition to a gamer’s rig. These glasses make it easier to have longer playing sessions without putting the pair of eyes under pressure. Serious players always check the thickness aspect of glasses. It has got 59 millimetres thickness around it. The anti-reflective feature assures peace of mind while playing games as far as eyes go. As mentioned earlier, broader frame makes it a common choice for players of different age and health group.

  1. Gunnar PPK

Players keep a close eye on the build quality of gaming glasses. They know how important it is considering the heavy-duty work expected every day. These glasses have high-traction steel as its backbone. The ultra clear lens improves the functionality and offers a crystal-clear vision to players looking for the right colour-contrast combination. It has an onyx rim with 57 millimetres thickness. The filtered UV rays and blue light working in tandem to protects your eyes against the harsh glare. The filtered light works like natural light to reduce strain and stress on nerves.

  1. Vayper

The panoramic field view takes the game-playing experience to the next level. You could find the difference between wearing these glasses and playing without them. It wouldn’t be wrong to say you’ll feel something is missing but don’t know what. These gaming glasses make you forget about the time and make you lose in another universe. The full rim design and style makes it a perfect fit for players to wear it comfortably. These gaming glasses are considered an essential accessory for experienced players. You should have it with you while playing games and applying high attention levels. The pair of eyes wouldn’t feel the pressure, itchiness after hours of playing.

  1. Sheadog

A video editor or serious players find the pair of glasses a worthy accessory to keep it along. The free hinge design is the best feature of these glasses. You can wear them and feel comfortable all day long. The headset compatibility is another factor. The thermoplastic rubber temples compliment them with added support. The build material offers a longer lifespan and maximum durability for years.

  1. Gunnar Vinyl Computer Gaming Glasses

Not many gaming glasses can boast of aluminium-magnesium build quality. The Gunnar Vinyl computing glasses have 57 millimetres width, 135 mm (Arm length) and 15 mm bridge width. The other noticeable features include quad-core hinge mechanism, micro-engineered locks. These features enhance weight distribution and perfect balance to have a better playing and comforting experience. The pair of glasses manage UV rays to protect the eyes. We all know the damage HEV blue light can cause to eyes and players need the best gaming glasses to stand against them.

  1. GameKing Classic Blue Light Blocking Clip-on

Players won’t find so many features bundled in a single package. These glasses are anti-reflective, scratch resistant blocks UV rays and 85% of the blue light to protect your eyes. It also blocks 40% of the total blue light to keep you playing for longer hours. The lens manages saturation to improve vital game-playing skills such as shooting accuracy. These curved lenses offer better concentration level.

The best feature of these glasses is the clip-on ability. You can de-attach it from one and attach it upon another. You can add them to frames of all styles, sizes.

Buying the best gaming glasses depends on the budget factor. You need to know what all the features you want in the glasses. There’s no denying the fact that gaming glasses are necessary for both the eyes and gaming skills. You should buy them sooner to protect your eyes from eye-strain and headaches. There are several aspects you need to keep in mind while purchasing gaming glasses.

Anyone who sits in front of a computer for several hours in a day can take the benefits of buying the best gaming glasses. It’s the harmful blue light that’s the core of attention. You could be a graphic designer,  video editor or casual gamer you need to have the glasses on. We need to think about our eyes. Too much time spent playing games or doing work can affect sleep pattern. The gaming glasses aren’t for gaming alone. You could use them for other purposes too. The message is to build a habit, develop a routine to put your health first against any such health issues. Lifestyle health issues are harmful to a healthy mind and body. You should live a balanced life to stay away from work-related health issues.

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