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Best Emulator To Play Black Desert Mobile For Windows PC

Black Desert Mobile, the sequel of Black Desert Online, is a remarkable MMORPG featuring intense combo-based combat systems and thrilling storyline. It achieves a great success since it was released in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Recently, Pearl Abyss provides an English version of the game for the Western market, thus Black Desert Mobile makes a great hit again.

At present, there is an outstanding emulator that enables you to play mobile games on your computer. LDPlayer is a free Android emulator for PC, which provides several improvements and features in running Black Desert Mobile on PC. It also gives you the best graphics that even exceeds the graphics on a costly high-pixel phone.

Best Emulator To Play Black Desert Mobile For Windows PC

How to Download Black Desert Mobile on PC

Though you can download Black Desert Mobile in your mobile app store and play it freely now, you will gain ultimate experience when playing the game on your computer with LDPlayer. It’s very easy to download LDPlayer for your PC, and the comprehensive tutorial is as follows.

Step 1: Download the latest version of LDPlayer and install it to your preferred location.

Step 2: Once you complete the installation of LDPlayer, you can head to the search bar and search for Black Desert Mobile on the homepage, and let the installer run itself. It may take you some time depending on your connection speed.

Best Emulator To Play Black Desert Mobile For Windows PC

Step 3: Then, you can see the icon of Black Desert Mobile on the homepage of LDPlayer. You can open Black Desert Mobile by clicking the icon.

Step 4: Select a region to connect, and then the game will ask for an additional download to install the full game. Just click the middle button and then tap on the right button “confirm” to start installing.

Best Emulator To Play Black Desert Mobile For Windows PC

Step 5: After that, you could choose your preferred login method, and revise or agree with their terms.

Step 6: Create your family name. Please note that the family name cannot be changed and it is different from the character name.

Step 7: At last, select server you like. Now you can feel free to play Black Desert Mobile on PC. Start your Black Desert adventure right now!

Maxing out the Settings for Black Desert Mobile PC

It’s great that Black Desert Mobile is available to play on PC with a free Android emulator – LDPlayer. While running high-quality games on PC may slow down your PC performance. Thus, please check your PC whether it fulfills the recommended requirements or not, in order to avoid some lags. The data is from LDPlayer official.

Minimum System Requirements for LDPlayer

Intel or AMD CPU Processor x86 / x86_64

Windows XP XP3 / Win7 / Win8 / Win8.1 / Win10

Windows DirectX 11 / Graphics driver with OpenGL 2.0

Minimum 4GB of system memory (RAM)

Minimum 36GB of free hard disk space

Hardware Virtualization Technology (Intel VT-x/AMD-V) enabled in BIOS

Recommended Specifications for LDPlayer

CPU: Intel i5 7500 and better

RAM: 8GB and above

Disk Space: Over 100GB

Graphics Driver: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti and better

Recommended Settings for Black Desert Mobile

As Black Desert Mobile is a high graphics MMORPG, you can adjust the settings to the optimal mode on LDPlayer so that you can enjoy excellent visual quality. The specific steps are as follows.

Step 1: Launch Black Desert Mobile, and head to the settings by clicking the icon on the upper right of the homepage.

Step 2: Navigate to “Graphics”.

Step 3: Unlock maximum frame limit and resolution, and choose high effects and texture.

Step 4: Always keep the UI size 100%, or adjust the UI size to the different dimension you like.

After that, you will obtain superior visual experience when playing Black Desert Mobile on PC.

Best Emulator To Play Black Desert Mobile For Windows PC


All in all, you can download Black Desert Mobile from LDPlayer and start your quest for Black Desert. With multiple improved features, like keyboard mapping, multi-instance and operation recorder, you will indulge in this awesome MMOPRG in a larger screen with LDPlayer. See you in-game.

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