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Best Countries to Study MBA in Europe

Some of the best destinations for higher education are European countries. UK, France, Germany, Austria etc., are a few examples. Of course, the USA is still the idle choice among international students. However, if you consider the best continent for higher education, Europe takes the #1 spot.

European countries are best known to provide specified necessities in education. However, instead of focusing on unnecessary aspects, they maximize the most out of a program. Home of institutes like Oxford, Imperial, Technische, Grand Ecoles, these countries provide what you can find nowhere else in the world.

Study MBA in Europe

Why Choose Europe for an MBA?

Due to proximity and affiliation on a global scale, European countries offer a better scope. Major countries in Europe are infused with leading industry, technology, education and much more. The affiliation and collaboration connect them on a bigger scale, allowing you to have multiple added possibilities and opportunities. MBA is an international degree. Therefore, it must have the potential to offer a vast, broad global platform.

The USA is great, but it does not have as much exposure as Europe has globally. Plus, the cost of education is relatively low in Europe compared to the USA. For example, Germany is known for free education. Also from a financial point of view, the lifestyle in Europe is much better than any other country in the world (cheaper than the USA).

Best Countries in Europe for MBA

Whereas Germany is known for the best free education, the UK is home to education. Countries like France and Italy offer a tremendous culture and art hub along with top-notch education. Examples can be numerous. You need to know that a degree like an MBA has much better scope to pursue in Europe than any other country globally. Here are some few best countries in Europe to pursue an MBA:

UK – Home of Education

The UK is one of the most preferred destinations among international students due to its history, language, institutes and research. Home to universities like Oxford and Cambridge, which even surpasses Ivy League universities in many aspects. An MBA from the UK can provide immense opportunities and the best professional education and environment to work in. Programs and certificates from UK institutes are recognized worldwide. The UK has an average tuition of around £40,000 annually for an MBA program, equivalent to around INR 35 lakhs. The cost of education in the UK is higher than in any other country in Europe. However, compared to return on investment (ROI), you got it is also most beneficial!

France – Consider Grand Eloces

Grand Ecoles are considered elite institutes. These are the institutes that can partially cover your higher education if you choose to pursue it somewhere else. They represent less than 5% of the student population. In a way, you can state that they probably are even more selective than Oxford or Stanford. Compared to the UK or any country worldwide, France offers a little specificity. See, France is best to pursue an MBA if you want much industrial involvement. French institutes tend to work with the industry itself to gain an experimental approach to education. You can often find French institutes working on actual full-scale projects involving several industry sectors in the curriculum.

Germany – Quality Education for Free

Do not rule out Germany as an excellent destination for an MBA. Germany is one of the best choices you can make for your MBA. It is a central hub of technology, innovation and research. Germany has the most suitable economy in Europe and is one of the leading countries worldwide. When it comes to MBA, do not be surprised if you find out that Germany is among the top sought locations. It may have something related to Their cost of education as well. In 2014, the Government approved a decision to abolish international fees in all public colleges. Even for institutes that require tuition, it remains much lower than anywhere else in the world. Also, the cost of living is way affordable.

Spain – A Destination to Explore

Widely famous for its climate and laid back lifestyle, Spain also offers exceptional education. Other countries are better for MBA than Spain. However, for specific sectors like tourism, finance, manufacturing etc., Spain can be most suitable. Spain offers to explore the industry. More than one million corporate travellers visit Spain every year. Lifestyle, networking, and a stable approach are a few specialized aspects of Spain’s education. You will find exceptional education at a meagre cost, plus an extraordinary lifestyle.


Apart from these countries, Europe is filled with excellent choices for an MBA. Countries like the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Singapore and many others are among the top choices. The best possible way to find the best match is to analyze your focus. What sectors and fields of lines are you open to exploring? What specific educational style and approach do you need to set yourself as a global leader? Evaluate your needs and choose a country in Europe for your MBAfor your MBA!

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