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Best Consumer Buying Guide to Pick Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Smartphones are essential part of our life this days and the importance of keeping the screen of Smartphone ‘safe’ becomes much more essential.

So, how you are going to choose the glass screen protector produced by tempered glass screen protector manufacturers who produce bulk tempered glass Screen Protectors and offer those to buyers all over the world?

We all know by now that Tempered glass screen protectors offer far better protection over plastic screen protectors

To help you choose the right one, we carefully selected the some criteria below.

Buying Guide to Pick Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Most of the time people tend to think glass means fragile. So, doubts are raised about the functionality and effectiveness of glass as screen protector.

In case of tempered glass screen protector, it’s made in such a way that it can withstand any pressure or impact to protect the screen of your Smartphone.  One of the strongest screen protectors would support a hardness of 9H. Most of the screens protectors that are not tempered glass are do not have a hardness of 9H.


Touch Sensitivity is one of the infamous problems in using a glass screen protector. In most cases, wholesale tempered glass screen protector manufacturers use adhesive only on the border side and areas in between glass and screen are filled with dot matrix. This leads to touch screen errors and loss in sensitivity. Select something that gives you smooth feel while operating


Fingerprints are bad for touchscreen of your Smartphone as it attracts dirt and oils from your skin. Oleophobic coating is an oil repellent coating on tempered glass screen protector to prevent this problem from happening.

Nowadays, companies who are in market producing wholesale bulk tempered glass screen protectors are using oleophobic coatings extensively to make smudge resistant touch screens for smart phones and tablets.

But, quality always differs as technology used by the companies not always up-to-date.  In China, OEM screen protector screen protector wholesale market is flooded with various tempered glass screen protectors with varied qualities.


One of the major issues that you should consider before buying any tempered glass screen protector is its coverage area. Most glass screen protectors hurt the integrity of edge phones by compromising the edge part with adhesive and cover the adhesive with colors.

The important point is that glass screen protectors should be able to protect edge-to-edge display. It should be crystal clear all the way around even on the sides.

 Here also, please take a look t some technologies that are involved in making tempered glass screen protector. This will help you more with knowledge so that you can look for the perfect coverage providing screen protector.

Flat Edge -In this process, flat edge of the tempered screen protector is cut to the desired size at right angle. It’s done without polishing,
2.5D Arc Edge -Here, tempered glass screen protector is going through the glass sweep machine chamfering and the product feels smoother.
 3D Arc Edge –In this process, tempered glass screen protector to go through the hot bending machine.   


Smudges prevent the screen of your Smartphone to display full clarity. Remember, smudges can dampen the clarity of your high-resolution and highly priced Smartphone. No smudges mean it can make your phone look sharp and new.

But how can your tempered glass screen protector help you in this?

Also having no smudges will make your phone look sharp and new. Some screen protectors have smudge-proof technology so you might want to take a look at that.


Thickness must be a deciding factor when you are thinking of installing a tempered glass screen protector for your phone.

In general, the demand of 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm grades are flooding the market but 0.33mm 2.5D Double Strength Tempered Glass protector should be in the top of your order list.

Some more points you must consider:
a) Thinner is better
b) Transmittance quality of thinner product is better
c) Toughness of thinner products are good

Please remember, the more complex the process is the higher the corresponding cost become thus the price of the end product become more expensive.


We tried to give you an outline so that you won’t face any problem while choosing a screen protector for your choice.

To sum up- You must consider that your tempered glass screen protector – Should be able to protect your screen, maintain the touch sensitivity, cover even the edge parts, and stay sharp by being smudge proof.

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