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Being Vegan Doesn’t Have to Mean No Ice Cream

So, you have decided to make the switch. After some careful consideration, now is the time to try out a plant-based or vegan lifestyle. You’ve read about the benefits of a plant-based diet on the environment, the people around you, and of course, saving our animal friends from the pain and cruelty of the meat, poultry, and dairy industries.

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But you may have a few things you’re worried about in making the change. Most of us have a loving relationship with cheese, chocolate, and a beloved favorite of many: ice cream. If you’re going vegan… are you going to have to give up ice cream?

The short answer is no! You are not. Here are some reasons you should try out some vegan ice cream.

If You’re Already a Vegan

If you’ve already made the change and you’re kind of new to it, you may think that vegan ice cream just isn’t worth it. Or you maybe have tried one or two vegan ice creams that just didn’t cut it, so you gave up.

All hope is not lost on the vegan ice cream front though, friend. There are so many out there that are worthwhile, you just have to find the right one for you. Ask around on vegan forums on social media, or check with your vegan friends to see which brand they prefer. You can even host a vegan ice cream social, and try out a bunch of different flavors to see which one you want to become your new go-to.

If You’re Making the Switch

Whether you’re a vegetarian trying to take that next step, or you’re a meat eater who has finally been called to create a healthier, more conscious diet for yourself, you can rest assured that ice cream can still be a delicious part of your vegan diet.

With all of the variety and different flavors on the market today, you’re sure to find the flavor that meets all the requirements of a delicious, decadent ice cream. Vegan ice creams can actually offer even more unique, fun flavors than dairy ice cream, due to the fact that they have to use alternative sources of flavor. There’s everything from miso maple sesame candy crunch to Turkish cardamom coffee on the market. Sacrificing dairy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor.

If You’re Still on the Fence

If you still aren’t totally sure you want to become a vegan, you should still give vegan ice creams a try. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s an easy first step: since ice cream isn’t something we necessarily eat every day, it’s a lot easier to start out by just switching out your typical tasty treat with a dairy-free version.
  • It’s healthier: though vegan ice creams do still have sugar, they are lower in fats and cholesterol than traditional ice creams made with dairy. Vegan ice cream can offer a slightly healthier choice to that usual pint you indulge in.
  • It’s more natural: if you don’t want to cut out meat but you do want to go a more natural route with what you put in your body, consider swapping dairy out for a vegan version of this frozen treat. Cutting out antibiotic-infused dairy in place of ingredients like organic fruits and vegetables and natural vanilla extract is going to be better on your system and on the environment.

It Can’t Hurt to Try It

No matter what reason you’re thinking of switching to a more vegan diet, it can’t hurt to just try it. Experiment with fun flavor combinations and healthful ingredients, while feeling positive  about the good you’re doing for the earth.

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