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Become a Travel Blogger With These Tips on Cameras and Gear

If travel, photography and writing are all favorite hobbies of yours, you may find fulfillment in combining these three activities as a travel blogger. Whether you’d be doing it just for fun or as an income source, you have a wide range of camera equipment you could choose from to get started.

Become a Travel Blogger With These Tips on Cameras and Gear

Cameras for Portability

The first thing to consider is how light you prefer to travel. Whether you’re exploring your local scenery or planning a Southern Caribbean cruise, you’ll find that one of the lightest and easiest ways to travel with a camera is to stick with a cellphone. Manufacturers have become aggressively competitive about upping the quality and features of their smartphones, often resulting in cameras with stunning photographic capabilities.

Cellphones, however, have their limitations. For example, optical zoom is still superior (a true zoom), but most smartphones are not capable of it. Instead, they use digital “zoom,” a process that is more like magnifying and cropping (which you can do with software, potentially with better results).

When a cellphone doesn’t do what you need but you still want portability, a compact camera may be better. Although compact cameras don’t typically offer interchangeable lenses, the built-in lens may have sufficient optical zoom for many types of scenes. Compact cameras also often allow you more manual control of camera settings, like aperture and shutter speed, getting closer to professional quality results.

Cameras for Professionalism

The next step up is mirrorless cameras. Their lenses are generally swappable, plus they have more features and control than a compact camera. At the same time, they usually remain lightweight and don’t have to take up much space.

If you are looking for the most professional photographs, you may want a DSLR. While heavier and bulkier than the former options, DSLR cameras provide the greatest control and flexibility to meet the challenge of any photographic requirements.

Cameras for Special Circumstances

Do your travel plans include skiing, mountain biking or kayaking? You may want to consider a camera built for action shots, durability and water resistance. Strap the camera to your helmet or attach a selfie stick to your kayak and you can capture your adventure with or without yourself in the shot.

Are you planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls or other amazing locations that may be hard to access? Drone cameras have increased in quality and decreased in price in recent years, making them a viable option for photos and videos you otherwise likely could not have shot.

Accessories for Stability

Another category to think about is tripods and other types of stands. The most portable and lightweight option is a selfie stick, though these generally require holding them the whole time or having an attachment point to anchor them to.

Second in terms of portability and weight is the tabletop tripod. These are free-standing for placement on any stable surface. If you need a shot that is low to the ground or you have tables or rocks to elevate the camera, these are great.

However, in many instances you will likely need a full-sized tripod to get the job done. Full-sized tripods have variable leg lengths for creating a level photo on uneven ground, are more stable in windy conditions and provide a wide range of height adjustability. Although they are heavier and less compact than other options, they may prove vital for certain shots.

Accessories for the What-Ifs

Finally, you may want to consider some other accessories. For example, though not strictly required, you may find extra batteries or a portable solar charger invaluable for keeping your camera going as long as you do yourself. Extra memory cards may prove useful as well, so you’re not wasting precious minutes during a gorgeous sunset trying to dump photos from card to computer so you can make room for more.

No matter the level of adventure you seek or the distance you travel, the right cameras and gear will make all the difference. Take the time to think about the circumstances you will be in when you’re taking your photographs, then narrow your options to those which provide the best compromise between all your needs.

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