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Beating Humidity with the Right Air Coolers

Strapline: Choosing the right air coolers for your house

If you live in a dry region, you will need more than a ceiling fan for comfortable living.

While fans can provide a good amount of breeze to keep you from sweating, they sure cannot soothe you with actual cooling. While ACs are a great alternative, they are too expensive for some, and not everyone looks forward to the installation process of an AC. All this brings us down to one solution – air coolers. 

Humidity with the Right Air Coolers

What are air coolers?

An air cooler is a device that cools the room. It does this by absorbing all the hot air around. The air passes through inside pads to cool before heading out. And that is how you get cool air flowing uniformly throughout the room.

Types of air coolers

Air coolers are of four different types, and a brief understanding would give you a better idea of what to buy.

1.    Personal air coolers

These are small and generally known as mini air coolers. They are energy-saving and good for small spaces. Their lightweight makes them highly portable.

2.    Tower air coolers

These are good choices for larger spaces as they cool the room quickly. The height advantage of tower coolers will also help those who want a cooling device at the height of their bed.

3.    Window air coolers

These air coolers are designed to sit on your window frame. Many of them are manufactured with honeycomb pads inside. 

4.    Desert coolers

These are good for low humidity in hot regions as they effectively evaporate heat to send cool air throughout the room.

These are the different kinds of air coolers that you have. But if you still need convincing, read on to know why air coolers are good for you.

5 reasons why air coolers act as the perfect choice for summers

Air coolers have several benefits, but listed below are just a few of the most important for you. 

1.    Cleanliness

Coolers work towards removing hot air from the room and dust and other particles to keep the air in the room clean. They are safe in the environment, too. Unlike ACs, they do not release a lot of greenhouse gases that add to global warming. 

2.    Efficiency

With an air cooler, you can save up on monthly bills. This is because coolers, unlike ACs, are energy efficient. While ACs use energy-consuming compressors, coolers have fans and pads and are thus easier on your bills. 

3.    Easy Maintenance

For one, air coolers are easy to install and don’t include all the fuss of drilling holes in the wall like an AC. Many of them are designed to be portable, so you can easily shift them in different corners as and when needed.

4.    Flexibility

Air coolers are portable, so they can also come in handy in various situations.

For instance, you can always get the cooler out when you have a party outdoors. What’s more, you can get a neighbour to borrow it too if he needs it from you.

5.    Affordable

Finally, coolers are more affordable than ACs, which can be a big investment.

This means they are not just very convenient but also very easy on your budget. 

Best air coolers

Choosing an air cooler can be difficult, especially with the variety you have. So, to simplify your life, here are three of the best listed before you. 

1.    Croma AZ50

The air cooling is designed with anti-bacterial honeycomb cooling pads and a water tank that sends clean and fresh air throughout your room. The ice chamber makes the cooler perfect on hot days, while the shut louvres prevent impurities from going in. 

2.    Bajaj Frio

This one from Bajaj has an elegant design and a capacity of 23 litres, making it a good choice for medium-sized houses. The cooler is designed with hexagonal technology and honeycomb cooling pads to send effective cooling through the room. 

3.    The Symphony Touch

This one may cost a little more but comes with a large capacity of 55 litres, which makes it a good choice for large houses and rooms. Besides that, it is highly energy efficient and comes with the iPure technology that makes it safe and healthy. 

Now that you know why you should choose an air cooler for your home and have seen some of the best air coolers, all that is left is to choose the one for you. Consider the features of each and make sure you read the reviews. At the end of it, you will arrive at the air cooler that is apt to bring into your home and make life cooler for you.

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