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Bankingly – Mobile Banking Becomes Easier

Financial technologies are the major driving force in the monetary sector of the 21st century. As the population increased from 1 billion to over 7 billion in less than two centuries, technological advancements flooded the market to serve growing demands. Industrial revolution swallowed a scientific revolution to promote technological dependence on a massive scale. These technologies changed the way we see and tackle the world. Every new invention catered the most basic need of human civilization, ease of working.

Mobile Banking Becomes Easier

Large numbers of technologies started flooding the market one by one. A coffee maker is an equally incredible invention for the caffeine-loving millennial generation as was clock for medieval households. But one thing that changed the face of human history is the internet and the torrent of technological services that succeeded it. The Internet revolutionized human interactions and ideologies and paved the way for digital institutions that worked towards easier business opportunities and better customer services. Millennials in the 21st century are reliant on such technologies and digitization to a great extent. And now are demanding highly efficient and smart technological assistance.

Financial sector turned into the financial technology sector overtime to serve massive consumer demand and better services. This transition dramatically improved economic conditions and customer experience. The fintech sector is driven by Silicon Valley geniuses that believe in flawless transactions and easier access. Internet banking brought drastic changes in financial practices of every individual. From internet banking solutions, the focus has now shifted to an even more efficient fintech option, Mobile Banking.

Smartphones have enabled fintech portability. Standing in queues for financial support and card payments is no more necessary. Neither is browsing through a website on world wide web. Fintech has allowed brilliant innovators to discover new and easier options for digital economic solutions. Our team at Bankingly – Mobile Banking promotes the exact same vision for our customers. Our mobile banking software is designed to satiate tech-hungry millennials that need efficient applications to perform financial tasks in short time span.

With Bankingly’s latest Mobile Banking services, you get;

Digital Card Payment Services

This option allows your customers to pay their credit card and debit cardbills from the comfort of their home without wasting time on internet browsing.As fast internet speeds piggyback on your shiny new smartphone, it is easier to pay your bills on the way to work or during a break. Technology reduced the time spent on routine task and increased efficiency to help customers dedicate saved time on more important commitments.

Paying bills has never been easier

You can use the platform’s efficient interface to pay mobile bills, electricity bills, water bills and other monthly commitments. An integrated platform will help your customers save time and promote healthier customer-company relationships.

Why Choose Bankingly?

Our mobile software offers unparalleled ease of access and a bunch of features that make it a winning choice amongst the pool of emerging software options.

  1. Easier accessibility for your team as well as your customers

Promotional managementefficiency enables your team to devise marketing strategies for promotional upgrades that you can instantly list on the portal and ensure growth in sales. This builds a stable network of marketing that enables customer reliance and loyalty.

  • You can quickly alter promotional banners and offers along with the latest information that you want to communicate through the app in a swift and neat manner.
  • All such announcements and alterations will be available for access to your customers instantly.
  • This quick accessibility feature will improve your market grip and improve customer experience.
  1. Boost your sales experience

Our mobile banking software allows quicker additions and swift visibility of promotional announcements. This has a positive effect on sales over a period of time. Increased sales promote a healthy business environment that optimizes technological advancements and improves market presence.

  • Our quick resolution and promotional facilities will help you enhance your sales cap.
  • Build a customer experience system like no other.
  • Use the latest promotional ideas to target loyal customers and enhance sales charts.
  1. Save on unnecessary monetary splurging

Bankingly’s mobile software saves you unnecessary costs that can be utilized on promotion and improvements. Our services help you;

  • Avoid unethical practices and get transparent financial network
  • Save big time on infrastructure and branding by devising digital strategies of utilizing features through our software.
  • With our flawless interface, your staff can save time by relying on our app and using their time on other branding activities.
  1. Build a strong network of loyal customers

Customer satisfaction is a major division that can make or break a deal. Our software will help you enable customer service options that you can modify and promote for a quicker resolution that in-turn boosts customer loyalty.

  • Use our software for effective implementation of 24/7 customer resolution hotline.
  • The quick resolution will build a reliable system of cooperative financial practices that will engage and promote your brand in a sturdier manner.
  1. With our app, you get a big basket full of features that will help you get started
  • We ensure complete transfer of authority and create transparency in our ethical practices.
  • Bankinglypromotes customization techniques of your company and ensure initial coordination for training and familiarizing your staff on the way they can do it.
  • Unlike many other software services in the market, we practice unbiased financial guidelines that will help your company build a loyal and trusting customer base.
  • Our system complies with privacy standards and ensures end-to-end encryption features for your customers with additional security add-ons like strict authentication guidelines. ​
  • Our cloud services ensuring safe tracing routes to detect any unauthorized financial activity that might pose any threat to your customers or their data privacy.
  • A dedicated network of alert systems will ensure that warning messages and authentication requirements are conveyed to your customers on a regular basis so that they are aware of any developments on the app or in your business.

What makes us different from other institutions? 

We are driven by our passion for an excellent customer experience that involves swift resolutions, customer involvement and dedicated financial network. A growing business initiates a positive cycle by promoting ethical practices and integrity while prioritizing consumer satisfaction. Democratizingconsumer access to their monetary benefits, fundamental rights and better services, irrespective of their resources or locationare one of our top priorities. Financial inclusion has emerged as the top contender for democratic practices. It is essential for us to do our part and promote financial services for all.

What do we want from the industry? 

Bankingly believes that the growing fintech sector can significantly influence employment and growth opportunities forthe minority section of employment pie.Our aim at developing a Mobile Banking solution is technological advancement coalesced together with excellent customer experience, financial inclusion, time-saving strategies and business growth.

At Bankingly, we promote cooperative growth. When you venture into the fintech world with us, we promise relentless support and exponential growth. We invest in your practices to offer any support and training that will kick-start your business and improve economic conditions. We also assist you in initial campaigning rounds on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google and others, targeting your current members. The campaign will follow the marketing and communication guidelines that your company adheres to.

This builds a trusted network that will help our businesses grow together. A healthier working environment lasts longer than an expensive venture that might succumb to turbulence any minute. Our passion for growth and stability puts us in the frontline of dedicated customer service ventures. We believe in ethical practices, integrity, cooperation and customer engagement. Our belief in fintech growth has inspired us to associate with leading businesses that follow the same ideologies. Our dream is to promote financial inclusion and easier accessibility to every individual in a world that will be dominated by such technologies in the coming decades.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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