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Awesome Recreation Ideas for a Long Weekend

Overworked and overstressed. That’s the kind of vibe I get from you, my dearly depressed reader. It hangs on your head like a dark cloud. I can see you waking up every morning with a reluctance in your eye. A hesitation to begin the same robotic routine, which drags you through the days and the weeks from your home to your office and vice versa. Sounds awfully dull, right? But as you know, there’s a silver lining behind every cloud. So, let me present to you yours. A long weekend of uninterrupted rest and relaxation. You’ve earned it. However, in order to truly enjoy it, you need to plan it as well. Check out the following activities, which you can arrange for doubling up the joy on your free weekend.

Awesome Recreation Ideas for a Long Weekend

1. Undertake a Natural Excursion in Fayetteville

Let me ask you a string of questions. Do concrete walls suffocate you? Does the recycled and stale air of the city make your lungs ache? Do you wish to escape to a purely natural landscape? Then, what are you waiting for? Answer these appeals by heading out into the most untouched green paradise you can find near your vicinity. Wake up at dawn, walk on the dewy grass, close your eyes, listen to the symphony of birds, and feel the cool breeze on your skin, free of those nasty complexities of life. Just stay there and have a quiet lunch on your own or a colorful picnic with your family. You can even do some nature photography or play a joyous sport.

Or, if you particularly enjoy the feeling of calm away from all the chaos, then worry not, because a day at Gillis Hill Farm will do just the wonder. Check out its tour schedule online over your fast internet connection as acquired from Spectrum deals in Fayetteville, NC or some such smart service, before heading out. Let your soul come alive!

2. Plan an Ultimate Movie Marathon

I know how your busy routine doesn’t let you catch up with your best friends. However, a long weekend can totally change that. Text your close group to clear their schedules and come over to your house on Friday night. Get everything ready: popcorn, blankets, loads of fluffy pillows and of course, your HDTV or projector. Because no sleepover is ever complete without a movie marathon. Am I right? You can choose any film genre. ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy, ‘The Bourne’ series or even ‘Harry Potter’ if you’re up for it. Apart from movies, you can even stream a series. ‘Game of Thrones’ maybe?

3. Treat Yourself at the Spa

Nothing beats a full body massage. Trust me. All those musclular knots, nasty cramps, and tightened ligaments increase the body aches and make you feel more agitated. So, regain your spiritual and physical energy over the long weekend by going to a spa near you. I can’t tell you how good it’ll feel to sit in the warm, mineral-laden spring, while someone massages your scalp, making all that tension go away. There is a bunch of great options available, my personal favorite being G’nique’s Spa. Go ahead and have the best day of your life.

4. Cook up a Storm

When was the last time you actually turned your stove on? Can’t remember, can you? It’s because eons have passed. Exaggeration aside, I can totally understand how you don’t have time to cook anymore, given the ruthlessly tiring routine. Plus, it seems like a super easy option to just order in, right? However, I suggest that you devote a part of this long weekend to cooking. Though it may sound like an overwhelming task, it really isn’t. I assure you. It can actually be pretty soothing and cathartic. And the more challenging the dish, the better the results. Pick out the ingredients yourself, socialize in the supermarket and just have fun cooking!

5. Attend a Free Class

Is there a hobby you’ve been putting off for a long time now? Pursue it over the weekend. I’m sure there are institutions which arrange free classes for the public. Attend a baking course at Flour Power in Fayetteville and learn some new recipes. Or check into a pottery seminar, a basket weaving lesson, a knitting class or a writing workshop and acquire some new skills. I’d encourage you to join a free tree-planting class, which teaches you how to plant your very first tree. Sounds good?

6. Visit the Area Transportation Museum

Museums are the only place where you can live the past while breathing in the present. The Fayetteville Area Transportation and History Museum is dedicated to portraying the contribution of the African-American community in Fayetteville. The local volunteers run and maintain the museum and will be more than happy to walk you into the great African-American history and legacy in the area. The Museum also functions as a research facility and has an extensive collection of African-American exhibits. You can almost re-live that era.

So, do consider the aforementioned activities to conduct over your well-deserved long weekend, and let me know how it goes.

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