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Aviator Game – Official Site

Aviator game for money is a pretty popular gambling pastime. It is liked by users for several reasons, one of which is the simple rules of the game and the opportunity to win quite an impressive amount of money in a short time.

The game of aviator is very popular for a number of reasons. One of them is that this gambling entertainment can be found in several bookmaker companies. Each of them is a reliable company operating in the market for at least five years. Therefore, the player can confidently choose any of the presented and play in it.

Aviator Game

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On the official website 1win aviator can be found without much trouble, as it is placed in a separate section located at the top of the screen. In addition to aviator, on the site and in the mobile application you can find a lot of other gambling entertainment – various online slots, card games and roulette.

Aviator game – ONLINE

Since Aviator is a game of chance, playing it offline, without an Internet connection, will not work. The website or mobile application of any bookmaker’s office or online casino that the user prefers to use will be suitable for this purpose.

Playing aviator is simple enough – it is enough to carefully study the rules of the game and run it on your device.

One of the advantages of the game is that it is quite well optimized and takes up little space. For this reason it will run without problems as a personal computer or laptop, as well as on any, not even the newest cell phone or tablet.

To run aviator on a mobile device, the player needs to download to your device mobile application of the selected bookmaker’s office or online casino.

How to play the game Aviator?

New players do not immediately understand how to play Aviator. The game looks simple enough and the rules of use are also quite simple, but to describe the principle of its operation will not be superfluous.

After opening the game on any site in front of the player opens a window on which is the take-off field. At its very beginning is a small plane in red. After some time after the start of the plane began to run up the runway and, having run a certain distance, which is always random, takes off. This is how the repetitive gameplay of the game is arranged.

The user is required to guess how much time will pass from the moment the plane starts moving until it takes off. The longer the run-up, the greater the coefficient used to calculate the winnings.

The plane takes off at an absolutely random moment of time, so it is quite difficult to guess in advance and make a bet. A feature of the game can also be considered the fact that the bet can be made before the start of the game, as well as in the course of, when the plane is already taking off. At a certain point, the player sells his bet and, in case the plane has not yet flown, the bet wins and the money is credited to the account.

Aviator strategy

Aviator game since its inception has gained immense popularity among users. It was literally a breath of fresh air for gourmets gambling entertainment. Such a unique gameplay and today can offer a very small number of slot machines.

It is for this reason that the players are popular request aviator strategy game. Many users are trying to find some kind of a hundred percent way to win at the aviator and use them to enrich themselves. In fact, this is impossible and here’s why.

The fact that the aviator, in fact, is a perfect example of a random number generator, so there is no algorithm that can predict when the plane will take off next time. The only thing players should hope for is their own luck.

For this reason, it is not necessary to believe articles and videos that guarantee a hundred percent victory in this game. They are created by two types of users. The first one is lucky to hit the white lane and win a certain amount, which can be quite large. The other type of players simply cheat other users, and what they do it for is unclear.

Aviator demo game

Since the aviator is an unusual, but still a gamble, in order to understand its rules and features, there is a special, demo mode. It is available to any user who has completed registration on the selected site bookmaker or online casino.

In order to play aviator demo, just open the section with gambling entertainment on the site, and then click on the icon of the game itself. After that, the user will have a choice – to play in demo mode or for real money.

A feature of the first mode is that the game does not use money from the player’s account. On his account are credited virtual funds, which are used as a bet.

If the player wins, the amount of money in the virtual account gradually increases. If he fails to win, the amount of money gradually decreases until it runs out completely. In such a case, to continue the game just reload the page and the account will be recharged again.

Virtual money to turn into real money will not work. If you choose to play for real money, the money in the player’s account will be used to bet. Each victory returns to the account the winning amount, defeat – takes away the amount of the bet.

The whole truth – “The Aviator Game!”

Many users do not trust any gambling games that are available online. However, the aviator game reviews explicitly say that it is worth trusting, as this entertainment was originally created by a professional company working on the development of quality software.

Users in the comments note both positive and negative sides of the game. On the positive side of noted rather nice looking graphics, as well as the ability to win quite a lot of money in the presence of a certain level of luck.

From the minuses players often noted difficulties with the rules of the game. However, it is worth noting that after several games there are no problems with the use of the aviator.


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