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Augmented Reality – Bringing New Dimensions to Learning

Bringing New Dimensions to LearningBringing New Dimensions to Learning

Educators are aware of the fact that learning gets more effective and engaging with creative interactions. Just by attending classroom lectures will not make a deeper impression and boost creative scope. Thanks to the emerging world of augmented reality technology comprising devices, mobile apps, tools and environment that enhances the phenomena and real life perception of things with digital interference, education is going to experience a new edge.

Augmented Reality can be simply defined as the digitally enhanced perception of outer world, things and phenomena. While learning any process or when reading about a particular term, students can now directly interact with a 3D image and get involved with objects, forms and environment in a digital interface, the same way they interact with the outer world. Augmented reality allow educators to unlock different layers of digital information on top of the physical world that can be simply viewed through iOS or Android device.

 For instance- While reading a chapter, a 3D video content can be shown in the handheld device depicting the way teacher explained different solutions to a problem.

Let’s find out some of the reasons to use augmented reality in Learning

  1. Intellectual Curiosity– Introducing augmented technology to your lessons will make students excited about learning. Being a part of digital era, your students will always be stimulated with augmented reality. With exciting new ideas, they will think critically about the world around them.
  1. Portability – Physical models, prototypes and detailed illustrations are expensive. Usually teachers don’t teach students with different supplementary materials as schools do not have enough money to buy. With this technology, you do not have to spend in physical materials. Students can access their models anytime from anywhere through their device. They can easily access and interact with the study material on the go.
  1. Interactive Lessons– Through Augmented app, students are able to access different models and Biology diagrams on their own devices to get a better understanding of the concepts they are studying. A fun way to boost interest among students and strengthen concepts they have been studying in class lectures.
  1. High Retention Power– With a simple scan, students can easily access models having augmented technology to represent anything right from human anatomy in biology to molecules and Periodic table in chemistry. Student’s can also access website directly from the argument’s app to grab more information on the topic. This amazing learning experience designs a complete learning cycle which helps in retaining more knowledge for a longer period.

Incorporating augmented reality to your student’s learning will enable them to discover their hidden passions and inspire their future endeavours.

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