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Art Delivery Service And Its Significance

Artworks are precious packages and require careful handling to avoid damages. These damages include cracks, scratches, tears, and ruptures. These damages often occur as a result of poor packaging and transportation. Packaging and transporting artworks and materials usually require the hands of professionals so as to avoid accidents and damages.

Art Delivery Service And Its Significance

Art delivery is the process of packaging and transporting works and materials of art from the point of production to the consumer. This is aimed at giving them protection against harsh weather conditions and mechanical damages that could reduce the quality of the artwork.

Is Insurance Necessary for perfect delivery service ?

Art delivery service providers handle artworks with all the care in the world to ensure customer satisfaction. However, perfection is still far-fetched and there are few margins for an accident. Insurance protects the transported items against unforeseen mishaps. Insurance gives these valuable items of art additional protection to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction.

What do art delivery service providers do ?

Art delivery service providers package and deliver artworks from. They partner with reliable and efficient art logistics companies to deliver their services. They transport artworks by air, land, and sea. Shipments and packages are handled by professionals in the industry. Artworks are transported with all the care in the world to ensure they get to their destinations unblemished. They offer services in the following categories

Collection and Packing

This is the first step to ensuring a fine art shipment is safeguarded. Upon receiving an artwork, the company wraps the package with the best protective materials to prepare it for transport. They pack artworks with different materials according to the nature of the artwork and the mode of transportation it will be subjected to. Materials used for packing artworks may include bubble wraps, cardboard corner protectors, plastic sheets, wadded paper, packing tapes, masking tapes, and many others.

Another method of packing artworks of large sizes and made of delicate materials by art delivery service providers is the creation of a wooden customized crate to offer maximum protection for the artwork. The crate is usually made of a soft interior to give a cushion to the work being transported. This is a perfect material for transporting sculptures, statues, and very large artworks.

The size of the crate depends on the size, weight, and dimensional specification of the piece of art. The crate is made of the best wooden material to give support and rigidity to the artwork. Wood materials of high quality are employed in the creation of crates following International wood crating specifications.


Art pieces are transported by land, air, and sea and this may be due to the nature (size, weight, strength) of the piece and the distance between the packing point and delivery location. art delivery firms take into consideration the safety of the piece to be transported and delivery deadline in choosing the suitable transport option and this is done following the choice of the customer.

Administrative formalities

Another great advantage of contracting art delivery companies is that they handle every administrative formality concerning the art piece from export to transport formalities. This relieves consumers of the ups and downs associated with export and transportation.

Expert Delivery services

Some companies do not just make sure precious items get to their destination; they also add finishing touches to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction. Some companies offer Door-to-door services, some offer white glove delivery services while some offer both depending on consumer preference.

White glove delivery comes with extra services like an unveiling, assembly, and installation. Customers do not only have to worry about packing and transportation, they can now worry less about finishing as well.

Why you should Patronise art delivery Service Providers ?

Artworks are precious and symbolic items that deserve to be handled with every care in the world. Here are some reasons why artworks should be entrusted to professionals alone


Transporting artworks worth a lot of money from one location to another is not an easy task especially when it has to do with export. art delivery companies put in place measures to ensure that your item is safeguarded. Some companies put trackers on the item to enable consumers to know the state and location of their items.


Art delivery firms only employ qualified professionals to handle artworks. They also work and partner with transportation companies to ensure prompt delivery.

Additional Benefits

Some additional benefits that come with patronizing art delivery firms are cleaning, packing, and white glove delivery. After delivery, professionals are delegated to help assemble, move and install the piece where necessary.

art delivery firms also provide insurance for artworks to ensure optimal protection against unplanned circumstances. Insurance may incur more cost but who says no to additional safety and protection?

The patronage of art delivery service is a necessity for art lovers who are looking into artworks of other climes. The safety and security of their choices will be taken care of by art delivery services providers.

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