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Are You Making These Mistakes While Checking SEO Ranks?

Search Engine Optimization or commonly called SEO, the big, the mighty and the powerful three words that rock the business world when used together. From marketing to basic research, SEO is what steals the show. When your company or your website in general uses search engine results and turns it into an audience gathering portal via content and techniques like keywords, you are using the magic of SEO.

Are You Making These Mistakes While Checking SEO Ranks

The basic goal is to increase not just the quantity of traffic but the quality as well. Moreover, SEO is a part of the marketing strategy, that receives utmost importance and is a primary goal for every marketing department. Especially considering that 67k searches are performed on Google every second, you would want to feature in as many of them, as many times a day.

So important and yet so easy to miss out on the mark. Considering its value and the amount of competition, many companies make multiple errors and fail to gain the benefits of SEO via rankings. As in, their website fails to go up the ranks in searches or doesn’t feature in top searches even though their content and service could be the best in the market. In fact, these mistakes are simple and can be easily avoided if you follow our detailed analysis and guide below – 

1) Lack of Record

Data or analytics is the boss of the game if SEO is the group leader. You need to analyze which lines or words are getting you what kind of traffic using historical data. It can be easy to enjoy high traffic or gloom over low traffic, but you need to go deep into the causes. Sometimes, being specific works and sometimes your audience might prefer more generic ideas. So, track your performance or have a team to do so and use your history o have a better future. So tracking, comparing and concluding should be your targets.

2) Ignoring the geography

As a brand, you can be either starting out or expanding or even running large-scale worldwide operations. It becomes easy to forget your geographical place of operations once you delve into the internet. However, this is a major mistake based on demography. Moreover, with 46% of all Google searches being local, you cannot be posting content that might interest Indians if you are in the UK. Everyone has different tastes and patterns and they need to be considered. Moreover, this is exactly why companies have regional and country offices to handle the problem because anything that ranks well in one country might not rank the same in another. Hence, edit, customize and revise.

3)  Zero client-based communication

Clients are your end goal and the ones you need to be in constant touch with about your company goals, success, and achievements. It might not be your first thought during a meeting but if you don’t communicate, you don’t win. So, when it comes to your SEO rankings, try to save information say via screenshots or web archiving via HTML file or JavaScript and send that to your clients. Not only would this generate client traffic on your website but also be a better method to spread the news about a new post or upload. So not only do you get data but you also gain client trust.

4) Messing up the keywords

Keywords is the prime technique for SEO and improving rankings. Each blog, website or account has its own set of targeted keywords to gain target audiences and climb up the search engine ladder. However, just by using keywords you cannot achieve the goal. You need to be consistent and persistent. Use keywords more than once at each page or check out LSI keywords. There are various competitions and researches on how to find the right keyword balance which could be referred to.

So, learn from your mistakes and use the simple tips above to go up and all the way on top. Moreover, it is the internet, anything can happen anytime and change is constant. So don’t worry about past errors but do not repeat them. With 93% of all online experiences beginning via a search engine, make sure that your Brand is a part of that experience via SEO rankings.

John Paul
John Paul
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