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Are We Beginning To Trust AI?

For those of you that aren’t aware, many countries and major tech companies are very much in the race to try and improve and integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our everyday lives. Therefore, it is no major surprise that some of the most renowned global venture capitalist firms are investing billions of dollars annually alongside major tech super powers, such as Google and Apple, to improve and make AI a reality for all of us, regardless of whether we want to or not.

Most of the AI technology is already in place, from Uber’s attempts at having driverless cars to Apple’s famous personal assistant ‘Siri’, and Amazon’s Alexa home hub and drones that deliver our Prime packages. In case you were interested, Betway have done a comprehensive research into the world of robotic technology, in order to see which areas are being taken over by AI machines.

It seems that on the surface, AI developers want to improve our lifestyles, this includesElon Musk who in 2016, established the Boring Company in order to cut down the heavy traffic in Los Angeles, CA.

Some of the other advancements by other tech companies include; better medical care, education, leisure activities, communication and even improving the way we are processing data and gathering information, this is already having a big impact on our day-to-day lives and is only going to improve in the coming years.

As for travel, most of us love it but really hate all the ‘baggage’ that comes with it, excuse the pun… How about a holiday where a robot carries your luggage, or even one where an AI machine can check you in to your room or even become your tour guide as you explore a new destination. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Some might say it sounds like a scene taken from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie ‘Total Recall’. Not so far-fetched as you may think, as companies like Take TravelMate, which produced a robotic suitcase that uses collision detection technology to autonomously follow its, so us lucky humans never have to schlep our cases ever again. And to think that only recently we all thought the 4-wheel suitcase was a miracle, that really bites the biscuit.

If you find yourself in the middle of the ocean, preferably on a cruise ship, and it just so happens to be part of the Royal Caribbean’s fleet, then you will notice the Bionic Bar featuring the robotic bartenders. It is said that it can serve two drinks a minute for a total of 1,000 drinks per day, that is good news for some as you won’t have to tip the ‘bartender’…

On a more morbid note, some groups are also worried about the negative side of AI technology, as they demand that all AI technology remains under human control, and moreover, that a regulated license is agreed world-wide to prevent human destruction from ever becoming a reality due to the effects of AI. This will help to ensure that AI doesn’t get so extreme that we are one day faced with the possibility of running away from T-1000 or the ‘bad cop’ from The Terminator!

Beginning To Trust AI

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