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AQUAANALYTIC, Dubai – Your Reliable Partner for Water Purification

AQUAANALYTIC-Dubai is among the prominent companies that specializes in the analysis and control of water quality. They provide reagents, process equipment, and laboratory supplies for the analysis and management of water quality. Owing to its limited freshwater reserves, the UAE is dependent on innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technology to ensure a consistent supply of potable water. Moreover, provides services like UV disinfection and sodium hypochlorite synthesis on demand.


AQUAANALYTIC LLC Dubai is a certified distributor and importer of the Evoqua Water Technologies (USA) in the (UAE) United Arab Emirates. 

What are the Major Water Purification Techniques used in the United Arab Emirates?

To responsibly meet the country’s increasing water demand, the article aims to describe all the water purifying techniques used in the United Arab Emirates.

1. Desalination – The Backbone of Water Supply in the UAE

Water Purification Techniques used in the United Arab Emirates

Desalination is the foundation of the water filtration system in the United Arab Emirates. Due to its close vicinity to the Persian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates employs reverse osmosis (RO) and thermal distillation as its primary methods of desalination to convert seawater into freshwater.

Thermal distillation is an important technique that harnesses heat from the sea to produce steam, which is then condensed to produce freshwater. Although desalination has been practiced for a long, more recent techniques consume less energy and are hence less common.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) first implemented Reverse Osmosis (RO), a technique that involves pushing seawater via semi-permeable membranes to eliminate impurities. This energy-intensive process, which produces higher water recovery rates, is the dominant technology in present-day desalination amenities in the Emirates.

2. Current Methods of Treatment

Water Purification Current Methods of Treatment

Although desalination is the United Arab Emirates’ primary source of freshwater, the country also uses cutting-edge treatment methods to ensure the water is safe for human consumption.

  • Before desalination, seawater is first further filtered by microfiltration and ultrafiltration, which employ membranes with tiny pores to eliminate germs, protozoa, and suspended particles.
  • After desalination, the water is treated using ultraviolet (UV) radiation to eradicate any remaining bacteria and other microorganisms, ensuring that it is safe to drink microbiologically.

3. Incorporation of Sustainable Practices

Water Purification Incorporation of Sustainable Practices

The United Arab Emirates has always been a pioneer in the adoption of sustainable practices to meet water demands, that minimize environmental impact and optimize water usage efficiency. Concentrated brine is the waste product of desalination that, if improperly managed, may negatively impact marine environments.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a leader with respect to water conservation initiatives. The nation aggressively promotes water recycling and reuse initiatives, particularly those that focus on irrigation for landscaping and agriculture.


  1. Experience & Expertise

AQUAANALYTIC is home to a group of exceptionally talented engineers who have worked in the water refining sector for more than ten years. These experts are prepared to impart their wisdom and offer the best options for different companies.

AQUAANALYTIC funds annual training and competence testing at the factories of the manufacturing companies to guarantee that their staff members are always knowledgeable about the newest technology and industry best practices. Their team’s dedication to ongoing education and training allows them to expertly guide clients in selecting the appropriate equipment and offer the required operational assistance.

2. Inclusive Services & Solutions

AQUAANALYTIC offers numerous air and water technologies from Europe, the UK, and the USA. Their primary offerings include municipal and industrial water treatment solutions, air and water filtration systems, air disinfection systems, and expert guidance in selecting the right equipment. AQUAANALYTIC’s complete solutions enable it to effectively answer the varied needs of its clientele, guaranteeing that every customer is provided with a customized solution that precisely meets their expectations.

3. Partner with Evoqua Water Technologies

Partner with Evoqua Water Technologies

AQUAANALYTIC proudly collaborates with Evoqua Water Technologies. The company leads in water purification globally. Through this collaboration, they are able to provide the most cutting-edge and dependable water purifying technology, supported by Evoqua’s own innovations and patents. Using Evoqua’s proficiency and inventive solutions, AQUAANALYTIC provides its clientele with state-of-the-art technologies that yield exceptional effectiveness and efficiency.

4. Water Purification Importance in Luxury Real Estate

The quality of the water is an important aspect that can greatly affect the whole living experience when it comes to luxury real estate. With respect to the water they use and drink on a daily basis, discerning tenants and homeowners demand the best. Understanding this requirement, AQUAANALYTIC is dedicated to offering premium water filtration products that raise the bar for luxurious living.

5. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction & Quality

Customer satisfaction is top priority for AQUAANALYTIC. They work hard to deliver the greatest solutions, created with the newest 21st-century technologies. One can rely on AQUAANALYTIC to offer outcomes that both meet and surpass expectations, thanks to their dependable and effective water purifying solutions.

Every facet of their business operations, including the selection of premier manufacturing partners and the stringent quality and testing control procedures they implement, demonstrate their commitment to quality.

6. Unmatched Support & Service

AQUAANALYTIC offers its opulent real estate clients unmatched service and support in addition to cutting edge water purifying technologies. The water filtration system will always function at its best thanks to the professional advice, maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting services offered by their team of highly qualified engineers and technicians.

7. Tailored Solutions for Luxury Real Estate

The team of experts at AQUAANALYTIC is aware that every opulent property has distinct needs when it comes to water filtration. They collaborate closely with owners, developers, and managers of real estate properties to create and execute unique water treatment plans that blend in perfectly with the building’s current features and architecture. This customized approach guarantees that water purification system not just satisfies the highest performance and quality criteria but also blends in with the opulent atmosphere of the property.


Whenever water purifying solutions are demanded in Dubai, AQUAANALYTIC has to be a reliable partner. Their knowledge, experience, and collaboration with Evoqua Water Technologies will assure clients that they are getting the greatest equipment and assistance possible for their water filtration requirements. Whether there is demand for municipal and industrial water treatment, disinfection solutions, or filtration systems, AQUAANALYTIC hold the experience, expertise, and resources to provide a solution that is specifically tailored to client’s needs.

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