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App Store Optimization is the New SEO

As the title suggests, ‘App Store Optimization is the new SEO’, and when combined with Mobile SEO, it can yield remarkable results. Getting your mobile app discovered presents a greater challenge than creating a successful app. With over a million applications available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, it becomes increasingly challenging to differentiate your mobile app in the market. To achieve this, it’s imperative to incorporate ASO experts or app store optimization into your app marketing strategy.

App store SEO is basically the SEO that has been repurposed for mobile. It involves optimizing mobile apps and is of great use to all mobile app developers. The center of attraction behind mobile SEO is that most of the searching is done using smart phones these days. This has led to the increasing popularity of SEO mobile and SEO app store in the world of marketing.


App store optimization helps in improving the visibility of your mobile app across all app stores. This basically involves utilizing the app name, title, description, category, videos, keywords and Meta data wisely for optimization of app store. In order to make your app ready for app store optimization and mobile SEO, you will have to keep a check on all the below mentioned details that contribute to ASO. click here to use grappr free recharge app .

On Page Content Optimization

Content optimization is an essential factor that contributes to the success of ASO.

Using the Top Keywords

Make sure that you use the right keywords while marketing your mobile app. Prefer using the most searched for keywords in relevance to the nature of your app. This will help boost your mobile app in the search ranking and visibility. You can take assistance from the various tools available to track down the most relevant keywords for this purpose. Understand your market, competitors and all the most commonly searched for phrases before you select your keyword. Don’t make it too long.


App Title

Choose an app title that clearly tells users about your mobile app. This is one of the key factors of building up a good app store optimization ASO and mobile SEO platform for marketing your app. The title is obviously the most important piece of ASO. Your users must be in a position to tell what your app is all about just by looking at the title of your mobile app and too clumsy titles will not attract users so, stay simple, and stay cool!

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and Ratings say what users feel about your app and thus, are very important for App Store Optimization. The better reviews you getter the more beneficial it will prove for the success of ASO.

App Description

App Description is the place where you must describe your app thoroughly. It must give complete information about what is your app about, how is it beneficial for them, why should they download it and more. This is a key factor in the mobile optimization of your app. Describe all the great features of your app here so as to convince the users to make a download.


The icon for your app is what makes a first impression in the minds of users. For the success of the app, it is essential that the app icon gets registered in your users’ minds. It must be creatively created and should effectively state what your app does.


Let you app screenshots show off some of the best features of your created mobile app. The screenshots must be selected wisely so as to highlight the most amazing parts of your app. Remember people are going to judge your app on the base of these few clicks so make it the best.

Publisher Name

Many times people can search for people who create apps for getting the apps of their choice. So, try to incorporate the keyword for your app along with your name. Say, if you belong to SDesigns and have created a puzzle game, you can write SDesigns Puzzles in the publishers.

Final Say

Utilize the factors that influence ASO and mobile SEO and make a remarkable entry in the market of mobile apps with your remarkably built app.

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