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An Understanding Discourse Community and Its Consequences

An Understanding Discourse Community and Its Consequences

All over the globe, several communities are built to talk about happenings in the world and raise a voice to support justice. When beginning ahead with the discourse community, one must understand what it means! One can refer to the discourse community as a community that includes a group of individuals making conversation over one topic in a similar language. Still, confused about it? In simple terms, discourse community includes the group of individuals discussing thoughts or opinions for a topic using a similar sense of vocabulary.

Often, people are worried about speaking openly on certain political or social topics. What to do in such a case? With discourse communities, people develop the same kind of interest in a topic and discuss it. People also set up an anonymous blog to talk about sensitive issues.

face to face conversation

When did you have your last conversation? Was it in a written or face-to-face conversation? No doubt, you might have a conversation recently, whether oral or written. If you’re involved in a conversation with anyone regarding any subject or topic, it describes your participation in the discourse activity. Since everyone knows the existence of communication in daily life, one can understand that discourse is a part of daily life. Similar to the process of learning any language, discourse is extremely important.

Under the different language instructions, there exist two categories. One is an explicit form of instruction. In general terms, it is regarded as an instruction which arises in the mind of users automatically. It includes instructions about using vocabulary, conjunction, or tenses. The second one is an explicit form of instruction. It is also known as communication instruction. For the discourse tool, it can be classified under the category of an implicit form of instruction. It is because discourse is regarded as a “fluid type of communication.”

Discourse community defined by John Swales.

Discourse community defined by John Swales

Under the definition of the “discourse community” given by John Swales, it includes six features. A discourse community:

  • Holds a set of pre-defined goals.
  • Works by following an inter-communication process.
  • Considers using both information and feedback mechanisms.
  • Relies on different kinds of genres for effective communication.
  • Works with lexis also.
  • Manages operations within threshold individuals.

Types of discourses

  1. An oral form of discourse

An oral form of discourse

As the name suggests, an oral type of discourse is conducted face-to-face or orally. Herein, the communication is conducted by speaking about the information. For this purpose, one must learn about conversational speaking skills.

  1. A written form of discourse

In the written form of discourse, it is about the usage of information in written words. For achieving a successful discourse, both the sender and receiver must equip with relevant skills for information transferring. In this type of discourse, it is linked with a structure, genre, and subject context.

How is discourse beneficial?

In the present society, developing discourse communities do come with their consequences. Most often, it comes with a long list of benefits, as mentioned below:

  1. Raising against injustice

Raising against injustice

Individuals face many problems when raising voice against any wrong thing or injustice act. It often happens when sinful people hold huge powers and status. This is the reason why people choose to be quiet! It can be a reason why people avoid raising voice against any injustice act. What to do to deal with such a situation? Is there any way to speak up confidently without worrying about personal identity? Of course, it can be done on anonymous blog sites.

  1. Helping society

In the world, people face several issues in daily life. Often, such issues do result in affecting the lives of many people around the world. People wish to seek help from others in their tough times or when facing any injustice situation. Being a part of society, individuals hold a responsibility to serve society and help others come out of their problems.

  1. Sharing your stories with others

On different platforms, you get the chance to share your stories. Or even you can share your stories on the anonymous blog platforms. On such platforms, you can easily share your past stories or share opinions with society. For avoiding any identity issues, you can use an anonymous username. Discourse is the best tool that can be used for repairing society’s issues over the world.

Consequences associated with discourse communities

Consequences associated with discourse communities

Generally, discourse can be understood as a conversational form wherein individuals contribute with their thoughts in oral or written format. Often, such conversations involve people with similar interests. When talking about the consequences associated with discourse communities, it results in positive aspects. With the development of discourse communities, people get to talk with society.

In terms of the criminality aspect, discourse is taken into usage to talk about things, including protestors, strugglers of disaster, and so on. Similarly, different other topics make use of discourse to discuss the wrong happenings in society.

Since the consequences associated with discourse are powerful upon society, it is considered as a struggle site. If anyone wishes to initiate a change in society, it includes talking about people and society.

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