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An Overview of the Tools for Different Kinds of Link-Building Campaigns

Have you been implementing quality link building as part of your SEO tactics? If yes, you must have realized how difficult it is. You will be happy to know that you’re not the only one who thinks so. A whopping 41% of SEO experts believe link building is one of the most difficult aspects of search engine optimization.

But the reality is that to remain competitive in the online space, you can’t ignore quality link building. It is interesting to note that up to 94% of online content does not get external links. Yet, links top the list in Google’s page ranking algorithms. Indeed, 13% of such experts believe link building is the most valuable SEO tactic.

Overview of the Tools for Different Kinds of Link-Building Campaigns

There is good news we can share regarding quality link building. The first is to outsource link building to the experts. That way, you can sit back and let the professionals do what they’re good at. You can be sure of plenty of ROI for any money you spend. A reputable link building agency will have KPIs or metrics they must achieve before you pay. The other option is to use the different link building tools to help with your campaigns.

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the latter option. We will share an overview of some of the tools you can use for different kinds of link building campaigns.

Effective Link Building Tools for Different Campaigns

As we said, an effective option for quality link building is to outsource SEO link building services. But even the best professionals need all the help they can get for effective outreach campaigns. Here are some tools that can help.

1.   Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most popular platforms among link building agencies and marketers. What you get is a powerful, feature-filled backlink crawler tool. This is an invaluable tool if you want to do any background research. You can access over 14 trillion live backlinks, making it one of the most expansive indexes.

The Ahrefs backlink crawler is ideal for both paid traffic and organic research. You can use the:-

  • Pages Section to know which pages on the target website have the most social shares and backlinks
  • The Link Intersect to know which sites are linking to your competitors but not to yours. It helps to have this information to know who to approach for links. Remember, backlink replication is one of the organic link building strategies. If your competitors rank highly because of their links, it doesn’t hurt to approach the same sites.
  • Domain Comparison to compare backlink profiles of 5 different domains
  • Site Explorer for competitor analysis, URL and domain ratings, referring domains, and the number of backlinks.

Besides link building, you get other powerful SEO tools, like:-

  • Rank Tracker to check your ranking progress on the search engines
  • Keyword Explorer to know what online audiences or potential customers search for


The Ahrefs tool’s pricing ranges from $99 to $999 per month.

2.   Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer is another excellent tool for quality link building campaigns. What you get is an easy way to check a site’s or domain authority.

One of the strongest quality link-building metrics is domain authority (DA). It looks at factors like site age, the number of linking sites, popularity, and trustworthiness. Linking to high DA sites is desirable because it will improve your domain authority.

Another powerful tool is the link research functionality. It gives an overview of ranking keywords, linking domains, and inbound links. You only need to input the URL for the domain you are searching for. You also get a breakdown of new and lost links. The reports detail which pages on your website and anchor texts attract the most links.

 The Moz Link Explorer will also allow you to:

  • Understand your page or website rankings by monitoring inbound links
  • Compare competitor link profiles. You also get information on where the links are coming from
  • Information on whether you are gaining or losing links based on specific content
  • Identify broken or spammy links coming to your site
  • The Anchor text analysis lets you see the most common anchor texts in the backlink profile and more.


Moz Link Explorer has a basic free plan. Paid subscriptions start at $99 per month. Take advantage of the 30-day trial to help you decide.

3.   NinjaOutreach

What you will love about NinjaOutreach is the influencer database, which runs into the millions. That means you have a fantastic tool to manage outreach campaigns or your social media platforms.

NinjaOutreach also has a strong focus on SEO. Other functionalities include the ability to see page authority, backlink numbers, and domain authority. The NinjaOutreach developers have also made link building easy with tons of templates. You can promote infographics and target broken link building. That makes it ideal for beginners who may struggle with outreach programs.

Other fantastic functionalities include:-

  • Scheduling of email campaigns
  • Tracking email campaign results with the inbuilt CRM
  • Access to a huge database of contact information and emails, including higher authority influences
  • Competitor analytics using broken links, resource links, and guest posts.


 Pricing for NinjaOutreach starts at $155 per month.

4.   Pitchbox

Pitchbox is an excellent tool for finding influencers and managing social media campaigns. Signing up for Pitchbox allows you to create blogger outreach programs without needing other resources. Take the example of developing blog ideas. The tool will give you a rundown of websites that your competitors are linking to.

Pitchbox includes a workflow that makes it simple to use the tool in your organic link building campaigns. All you need to do is follow the steps, and you are good to go.

You also get tons of other functionalities with Pitchbox, including:-

  • Product reviews
  • Competitor Backlinks
  • Advanced search from the scrapping of Google results
  • Link removal
  • Email outreach with the ability to create personalized fields
  • Automated email sequencing for easy follow-ups
  • Metrics filter, which you can customize as you wish
  • Conversation tracking and more.


You will need to contact Pitchbox for custom pricing.

5.   BuzzSumo

Off the bat, BuzzSumo is excellent for content marketing. Indeed, it helps with one of the most difficult parts of quality organic link building. What it does is help in the creation of excellent content.

You can use the Content Analyzer functionality to find topics. All you need to do is enter short tail keyword phrases relevant to your niche or topic idea. BuzzSumo will then display popular content related to the topic.

BuzzSumo is also an excellent tool for finding influencers within your niche who may be linking to competitor content.

Other excellent features or functionalities include:-

  • Brand Mentions feature, which is great if you want to go after unmentioned brands. Please note this is an effective organic link building strategy. It provides an opportunity to reach out to the website and ask them to link back to your site.
  • The ability to find new links with BuzzSumo
  • Tools to help identify authors based on the content they produce or share
  • Identify backlinking websites or those sharing links. It provides a fantastic opportunity to create even better content. It increases the chances of shareability or linking.


The basic plan starts at $99 per month.

6.   Majestic

Majestic makes it onto our list because of the link analysis feature. This is a critical aspect of any quality link building campaign. You get information such as the number of backlinks, anchor text analysis, and referring domains.

Other notable functionalities that will help with organic link building include:-

  • The Trust Flow tool for quality link analysis
  • Citation flow that provides scores based on link numbers
  • Visibility flow score for finding editorial style links in the high Trust Flow pages
  • Website scoring out of 800 categories
  • Topical Trust flow that shows the relevance of web pages. You get to see the number of links from highly trusted sites a specific site has
  • Flow metrics history to show the domain improvement for specific websites over time
  • The Chrome plugin allows you to check websites while browsing. This feature provides convenience in that you can see the type of links and value they provide.


The basic Majestic plan is $49.99 per month. If you compare it to all the others, Majestic is pretty budget-friendly.

7.   Ontolo

Ontolo is excellent for prospecting for quality link building. You get access to more than 80 sources for this. All you need to do is upload prospects from prospecting sources like Majestic, Moz, or Ahrefs. You can then reach out to them for backlinking purposes.

The custom-built parser will give you more detailed information, including contact information, social media accounts, etc.

Other useful functionalities include

  • Blogger outreach
  • Influencer outreach
  • Blog rolls
  • Directories
  • Resource linking
  • Import prospect lists
  • Insight on link value and how it can help your content
  • Easy building of prospect lists, which is excellent if you are starting an outreach campaign.


Ontolo’s pricing starts at $97 per month.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. An overview of some of the best quality link building tools that will greatly simplify your work. But, as we stated, what you have above is an overview. The first thing you need to do is determine your quality link building needs. The next step is to pick the tool that best responds to your needs. Third, do in-depth research on the different features and functionalities.

Finally, we leave with a parting shot. Quality link building can give excellent results for your brand-building campaigns. If you don’t have in-house expertise, you should outsource link building services to the experts.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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