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All You Need To Know About UK’s Universal Credit

Universal credit is specifically aimed to benefit those people who are either working on a low income or have run out of work. It is a single monthly payment. It has replaced tax credits and some of the benefits that an individual may be having access right now for instance, 1) Income support, 2) Housing benefit, and 3) Working tax credit.

All You Need To Know About UK’s Universal Credit

You can contact on Universal credit number in order to make a claim under this category. Universal credit is already being available to most of the single people. Nevertheless, it is not so accessible to families and couples.


Here is the eligibility criteria to claim Universal credit:

  • You must have low income
  • Your saving must be below £16,000
  • Not be training full-time or studying

One cannot claim under Universal credit if also receiving benefits such as income support.

How to access Universal credit?

It is recommendable to apply for Universal credit as soon as you are entitled to it. It takes an approximate of four weeks to reach your account. The date on which the claim is submitted is the date of the month on which the payment is made. This is termed as the assessment date.

You need to fill out the online claim form on the official website of UK in order to access the Universal credit if single. Interview is the next step where certain conditions are to be agreed upon.

What is the amount of Universal credit?

Universal credit is a composition of standard allowances and elements for things like housing, childcare costs and disabled children. This means that the maximum amount varies from person to person.

How is the working impacted?

There is no general restriction on the number of hours that one can work while on Universal credit. One is also entitled to work allowance if engaged in paid work.

How will it affect the public?

The impacts of Universal credit are not so straightforward. It has a diverse impact with some benefiting while others going through the drawback. According to BBC and some other reports, around 2.1 million families in UK will face a loss while over 1.8 families will gain more from this scheme.

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