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All You Need To Know About RAID

Whether you are looking forward to start a new business or you are already flourishing in the industry, RAID is something that is going to interest you a lot and it is the reason that has brought you to this post as well. Here we have gathered all the necessary information that you need about the RAID and by the end of this post, you would be familiar with a lot of it.

All You Need To Know About RAID

What is RAID?

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It is basically a very large hard drive that is used by combining several hard drives together to generate a single hard disk with huge capacity. This hard disk is used by the large business organizations to store their never ending data and on the other hand, these RAIDs are responsible for providing better speed to the systems as well.

What are some of the benefits of the RAID?

As we have seen that the data storage provided by the RAID is very large so of course it provides a very large data storage space to you. Other than that there are several benefits that you would be interested in knowing and here we are presenting them to you.

  • Large storage space: something that we have discussed already. Typically there are two hard disks together in the RAID but if you need even more space for your data, you can easily insert another hard disk to it.
  • Fault Tolerance: there is a lot of fault tolerance tendency in the RAID systems as the backup is automatically generated at the time you start putting data to it so it’s pretty much fault tolerant.
  • Fast speed: another good benefit of the RAID systems is that they offer great speed at which the systems work so the transmission rate is increased much as the two drives help respond quicker to the commands compared to a single hard drive.
  • Parity check: this feature is a really helpful one as it keeps on checking for the errors and parities in the system and warn you against it so you can take action before it are too late.
  • Continuous system running: when there are two hard drives running in parallel, if one crashes, the system keeps on running on the other so the whole set up does not crash for you and the data is not lost. Since the system keeps on running, your work keeps on going as well.

Why recovering data from a RAID server is complicated?

You must have heard that recovering data from RAID is something very complicated, which is not wrong at all. Although there are many benefits that RAID offers to its users, but the chances of data disaster are quite good as well. So you cannot fully rely on RAID for your database. You will have to put a backup as well and the cloud services are the best for this kind of large backup.

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