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Advantages of Playing Slots in Online Casinos for Real Money

Online slots have big advantages. This article is about all the advantages of slot games in online casinos for real money.

Why you should play in online casino for real money? What are the advantages that make online slots the best choice in compare to physical slot machines? I believe that slots are superior to the ones in the gambling halls in several aspects. First, slots in online casinos for real money are very convenient, because you can enjoy them without leaving your own home. You have all slot machine games collection on the go, thanks to mobile devices and internet. In addition, there is no need to book a ticket for an expensive flight to Las Vegas. It is also true that some people prefer to inflate the casino and compete other players face to face. But this is a matter of personal preference.

You can play online casinos for real money twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A common situation in traditional casinos is that your favorite slot machine is already in use by another player, and Slot online casino is the future of gambling. So, either you must wait, or play on other machines. There is no waiting in the online casino, you can play if you want, when you want, and where you want.

Recent studies have shown that the winnings in online casino games more frequent than in land-based casinos. RTP is a simple percentage at which all the money wagered on the slots is returned to the players. Thus, an RTP rate of 90% means that for every 100 euros spent by players, 90 euros are returned in winning. It is obvious that some players win, others lose, but the casino always takes only 10% of the money spent by the player.

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For online slots, the average RTP is 95.71%. For traditional slots, depending on the country, the average RTP ranges from 89.62% (Australia) and 93.12% (USA).

Diversity is the key word

Online slots offer a wonderful variety of game options. There are tens and hundreds of slot games on the Internet. Firstly, online slots exist in two different forms: instant game without downloading (HTML5 based technology which allows to run games in a web browser window) or in a downloadable version as an application. Both versions can be played for free and for real money as well, something that you can’t do in a traditional casino.

The slot games can be divided into 3-reel slot machines and 5-reel slots with several lines or as some people call them – progressive slots. The themes of the slot games are different from each other and can be associated with comics, novels, films, computer games, sports, culture, or, in short, in any area of ​​everyday life, even summer holidays or space travel.

In addition, many network opportunities offer bonus games in the slots, such as free spins or bonus rounds, where you have a chance to double or even quadruple your winnings after the right choice between two or more opportunities.

The newest online slots are published every week, as software manufacturers come up with even more extraordinary themes for slot games. The developers also learned to stick to a more popular topic, seducing more and more players, keeping the interest of regular players, and those who have never been a fan of gambling.


Playing in traditional real casinos is an eternal control, because everyone can watch your game. Some players find this to be uncomfortable and even unsafe. When you play online slot games, your winnings are known only to you and your casino. You can keep your winnings a secret, because there are no witnesses, no friends, no spouse.

No distraction during the game

When you are sitting at a slot machine in real life, you will always meet people who are peeping at how you play. Well, this is just curiosity, but still it can be distracting and unnerving. Online slots allow you to fully concentrate on the game, so you can fully enjoy the gameplay.

What do I need to know to play online slots?

  • The legal age for gambling in the USA depends on the state, it can be either 18 or 21, and in Las Vegas, for example, the minimum age for gambling is 21.
  • You should find a suitable reputable casino that accepts your favorite payment method. Open an account and make an initial deposit. Some gambling sites may also require that you download software to play online games. And finally, the most important thing is that we sincerely wish you good luck!

But how to play?

Playing the online slot game is quite simple and almost no different from playing offline doubles. Make a bet. Click “Spin” and wait for the result.

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Brian Flores
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