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Advantages Of Natural Gas

Natural Gas is a hydrocarbon, naturally occurring in the environment. It is a hydrocarbon gas mixture which principally comprises of methane, but also includes varying amount of other higher alkanes and occasionally a minute amount of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, hydrogen sulphide or helium.

Advantages Of Natural Gas

As a fossil fuel, natural gas can be used in heating, cooking and electricity generation. Ontario Wholesale Energy is an energy retailer who offers a risk free and fixed rate program on natural gas. Besides, natural gas is also utilized as fuels for different vehicles. In countries like United States of America, vehicles operating on natural gas are quite rare as compared to other vehicles. Amongst them, very few number of natural gas operated vehicles use the Energy Assessment Services.

Being a fossil fuel, natural gas has a wide range of implementations and implications which can benefit mankind. There are various advantages as well as disadvantages of using natural gas. But the advantages of utilising natural gas in various domains of our daily lives, overshadows its demerits. Following are the advantages of natural gas:

  • Natural gas is present abundantly on Earth. Proper consumption at a specific level can make it last around for 230 years.
  • With respect to other fossil fuels like coal or oil, natural gas is more eco-friendly. As it contains only one carbon atom, it produces comparatively lesser harmful emissions. Hence it is known to be the cleanest burning hydrocarbon. In other words, natural gas produces less pollution.
  • In terms of cost, natural gas is less expensive than gasoline. In certain cases, it is even economical to produce gas than coal. The investment cost of the most efficient gas-fired plant is $1,100 per kilowatt whereas the cost for the most efficient coal-fired plant is $3,700.
  • Natural gas acts as the chief source for cooking and heating purposes.
  • Natural gas can be stored securely and burned.
  • Natural gas can be transported with ease and at a low cost. It can be supplied over land through pipelines or over sea in the form of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) and help countries to combat with short term supply disruptions.
  • Natural gas can serve as an alternative for generating electricity, during circumstances when demand runs high. Natural gas can supply electricity for a long tenure, whereas other sources of its kind fail to do so.
  • Natural gas has a wide application in industry. It acts as a raw material and also as a source of heat.
  • Natural gas is the principal component for manufacturing ammonia through Haber process. Hence it acts as a chief ingredient in making fertilizers.
  • It is a raw material for producing a wide variety of chemicals like methanol, butane, acetic acid, etc.
  • Natural gas is vastly used in manufacturing plastics, pharmaceuticals, antifreeze and fabrics.

Due to its abundance, environment friendliness, cost effectiveness and wide range of applications, Natural Gas proves to be advantageous compared to other fossil fuels.

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