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Addressing A Few Important Questions For Trail Camera Buyers

How often do we see individuals striving hard to get the best product within their budget? Well, the trail camera market is crowded with products and new items are added each day to make the competition even tougher. Most of the individuals that are new to industry or have a lot to explore tend to have some questions as they look up to buy best trail camera. So, considering your needs and requirements, here we bring to you some common questions about trail cams and their answers.

Addressing A Few Important Questions For Trail Camera Buyers

Should I buy an infrared camera?

There are many people who look up to night photos of wildlife. If you don’t have much idea about how the images from an infrared cam look like, take a look at the sample shots from google. So, you will have an overview of what kind of shots the infrared feature can provide to you. Mostly, it comes in handy for taking images at the night time and some individuals don’t look up to it.

Thus, have a thorough look at the pictures and ask yourself that whether you need such images or not. You’ll have your answer.

What is the difference between infrared technologies?

Right now, we have three primary kinds of IR trail cams available in the market. These include the no glow, low glow, and red glow options.

No glow cams don’t produce any kind of light as they take the images. Therefore, as there is no visible eye to the human eye, the animals would barely notice it. Moreover, this makes it the best option for security and surveillance. Such trail cameras can be hidden in a number of different places and with no light being emitted, no one would notice it.

Then we have the low glow light that produces a glare upon capturing a picture. However, that is extremely low and only noticeable upon careful examination. Mostly, as the camera takes a photo pretty quickly, it also goes unnoticed. Again, they make a great choice for surveillance and these cams do product a brighter and better quality images then no glow option.

Lastly, you have the red glow IR cameras that produce a faint red glow whenever you take a picture or a video at night. These offer bright and clear images as more light is emitted from the source, leading to better photos. Also, it is a preferred option for hunters because it provides a clearer image that leads to better identification of the species. Moreover, this is a less expensive trailcam option compared to no glow.

Should I use alkaline batteries?

There are different options when it comes to cam batteries. Sometimes, your model limits you to a single choice while on other instance you may end up with a wider choice. Considering the alkaline batteries, they are inexpensive and do work appropriately in certain conditions.

However, if you are to use it in cold temperatures, you won’t be able to benefit from it appropriately. The reason is that the alkaline properties drop in cold temperatures to a great extent. Ultimately, it will impact the performance of your camera.

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