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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

It’s a known fact that manufacturing is going digital. The industry is facing increased competition to reduce costs, increase profits, and improve customer experience. Manufacturers must recognize that there is a new industrial revolution taking place, and there will come a time (if it hasn’t already happened) when they will have to embrace the change or risk losing their competitive edge. There are a slew of benefits to be gained from using a manufacturing inspection app, including:

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Improved Processes

Digital transformation can revolutionize operations. It can give companies greater insight into performance data, indentify impediments to the production process, and help make more informed decisions. In addition, real-time information can aid in monitoring, predicting, and even resolving issues in order to bolster product lifecycles.

Reduced Costs

Though upfront costs are inevitable, thinking long term is the name of the game. The result is more control over inventory levels, delivery statuses, and demand cycles. Companies can put themselves in a better position to deal with supply and demand irregularities and minimize risks and costs with things like extra inventory and material.

Boosted Innovation

Technology has the potential to transform entire businesses. It allows for more collaboration by connecting users, leading to increased idea generation and the acceleration of development.

What is bringing about these benefits? Let’s take a look at what’s driving them.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the modern version of the Industrial Revolution as we know it. This trend blends traditional manufacturing with digital technologies. The goal of this concept is to get to the point of automating and controlling processes in real time, and it has four main aspects: interconnection, information transparency, technical assistance, and decentralized decisions.

The IoT (Internet of Things)

The IoT is able to connect different pieces of manufacturing equipment that have sensing, processing, identification, communication and network capabilities, quality control, and it even assists in human-to-machine interaction. Based on research by IDC, improvements in operations driven by IoT applications could be worth more than $470 billion per year.


Robots are getting cheaper, faster, and more collaborative. Making the transition to robotic automation enables increased production rates with improved accuracy, quality, and consistency, all in a safer work environment. Robot automation simply makes sense for manufacturers.

However, despite all these technological advances, people are far from being obsolete. It’s people who monitor and make sure operations are running as they should, and technology must be properly maintained and operated for optimum results. But a big question companies have is how to do this, and the answer is inspection software. Manufacturing companies need a dynamic way to manage their biggest assets.

What can companies do?

To help companies in the manufacturing industry, Resco offers a manufacturing inspection app with an inspection forms designer that lets companies tailor the forms they need to best suit their requirements. The drag and drop interface makes it easy to use, and the best part is that there are hundreds of advanced features to choose from.

Quality control is another task manufacturers must stay on top of. Having a comprehensive quality standards checklist provides a clear picture of how the product should be made and leaves little room for confusion and error.

And safety is still paramount. Although factories continue to become more automated, there are always hazards that come along with working side by side with machines. Therefore, another crucial step to keep in mind is safety measures. When performing a safety inspection, as goes with every inspection, each step of the inspection needs to be documented carefully. Detailed safety inspection checklists can prevent future injuries or damage to property.  In manufacturing environments where inspections take place daily, it is imperative for them to be as thorough as possible. Resco’s software includes features such as image recognition, voice control, picture taking, and product code scanning to keep the time spent to a minimum.

Digital transformation has already begun, and it is gaining speed. Keeping pace with changing demand and handling the added pressures of increased competition are things companies will have to handle. Putting themselves in the right position to succeed will involve embracing technology and investing in their future.

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