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A Quick Review On 000webhost.Com; Now You Can Make Your Dream Come True

In modern times everyone has an urge to create their websites, be it out of your interest or a mere requirement. Was starting up a website always your dream but you were always afraid to do so? Well, you can take a leap and start your website as various CMS like Joomla and WordPress are here to assist you to do so. With the help of these making, your website is fun and easy. Also, no knowledge regarding web development is required as well; you just have to choose a suitable domain name and buy a web hosting plan in order to make your website go live.

Free web hosting

In case you are wondering what website hosting is; a web hosting, or provider of web hosting, is a business which hands you with the technological aspects and services that is required to view your website or webpage on the internet. Web hosting services do this by storing files of your website in highly efficient and powerful computers connected to a very fast network.

In case you’re wondering how to do that, here’s your solution. is a premium and free provider of web hosting. It hosts most of the small websites on the internet today. It offers a wide range of plans including free plans. Their paid plans consist of business-gold and premium-silver plans. It’s available for different databases and c panels. No advertisements. is the best solution for you if you are a beginner and have absolutely no knowledge regarding website building and also when wanting the assistance for free. Although provides paid plans too, it is known to have the best free web hosting services.

The Three Types Of Plans

  • Free plan– With 1000 MB of this space and 10000 MB bandwidth, this plan gives supports two websites, 2 MySQL, free hosting of the domain and only an hour of sleep duration.
  • Premium-silver plan – Unlimited website hosting, SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth. No sleep duration. You are allowed to have an email account as well. It will cost you $3.49/ month.
  • Business-gold plan– SSL certification to prevent your website from cyber theft and everyday backup along with the features of the premium-silver plan. It will cost you $7.95/ month.

000webhost pricing

You can also visit their website for a detailed account of their features and services.

Main Features And Benefits That 000webhost.Com Provides

  • Topmost free service for web hosting
  • Uptime up to 99%
  • Opportunities to earn money online
  • Installs websites in a click
  • Free web site building
  • Supports databases like PHP, MySQL

000webhost features

The Features Of 000webhost.Com In Detail

  • Hosting your website just takes minutes; hosting your domain name or c panel is made easy by You could use the free plan or the paid plans (slightly better).
  • In case you’re wondering how long it’s going to be free, there’s absolutely no need to. owns their servers, and also they locate them with best quality data centers; as a result, your server won’t be shut down without pre-knowledge.
  • With the help of hardware change outs, providers of website hosting configure settings timely which last 30-45 minutes; your website will be down during these minutes. guarantees that this 30-45 minute is 99% uptime.
  • In only three steps, helps you create your dream website. You have to select your favorite template, design, and then add content. After this publish it. You can create a gallery, subpage and contact form easily. You can do it even when you are a beginner. No third party required.
  • Also, they provide you with cron jobs that are available for all the plans. However, the advanced cron jobs are provided for business and premium plans only.
  • PHP and MySQL are supported without any restrictions by Loncube loaders, ht access, PHP sockets, Zend, GD2, curl; XML, etc. are supported by It provides you free admin panel for web hosting of a c panel. A bandwidth of 10 GB along with a 1000 MB disk space is given. All sorts of database support are given.
  • Installing websites are pretty easy; no matter what CMS it is. With the help of the script auto installer in the, installing popular scripts has been made easier; the auto installer is available for paid plans only. No need for developer knowledge for CMS installation manually. Your website can be easily turned into a gallery or an online forum.
  • You can affiliate with You need to promote the product. Just sign up after which you’ll have a unique referral link. Display banners and promote that link. Guess what? They’ll pay you for every registration made; $1 for each reference. The minimum payout has to be $100, which is paid using PayPal.

After discussing the features and benefits of, let us look at its cons –

  • Most of the important features like unlimited bandwidth, SSD disk space, SSL security is available only for paid plan users.
  • Limited usage for free plans.
  • $100 is a difficult level to reach due to which hardly any affiliates succeed in getting rewards.
  • Silver plan and business plans offer more features than unpaid plan.
  • Although they provide 24/7 customer service, because they are free, certain advanced features are not available. They are not exceptionally great, rather reasonable in quality.

It is totally your decision whether to choose or not. Paid plans certainly operate better than the non paid plan and are also safer. If you want a small website and less traffic, the free plan is suitable for you. In case you want a bigger website huge traffic and a lot of content, you might have to go for the business or the premium plans. By far is the best when it comes to free web hosting in the market. It’s right on top when it comes to providing free services.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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