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A New Member of the SHENZHEN HTI GROUP Fund Pedigree – JPT Fund Successfully Filed

As of recently, Shenzhen Hi-Tech Investment established its 14th fund, Shenzhen High-Tech Investment JPT Industrial Private Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership) (referred to as “High-Tech Investment JPT Fund”). This fund has been successfully filed with the Asset Management Association of China. This fund has a size of 110 million yuan. The specific investment will focus mainly on national industries, ultrafast lasers/laser equipment, smart equipment, as well as other laser application uses. This fund was jointly created by Hi-Tech and Shenzhen JPT Optoelectronics Co. Ltd.


Hi-Tech Investment JPT Fund will utilize all resources including industrial and financial, to expand and grow upstream and downstream projects, help accelerate the development of national strategic emerging industries and future industries.

In the most recent time frame, Shenzhen High-Tech Investment has worked hard to promote its ideas on innovative business models. All of which center on high-tech. High-Tech Investment funds remain a vital part of the venture capital sector. High-tech investments with a total scale in excess of 10 billion yuan are growing rapidly and are also growing in terms of implementation for business.

The company who manufactured the 200w fiber laser machine, Shenzhen JPT Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. was formally created in 2006. It was officially listed on the STAR Market in 2019. This company is a research, development and production entity. They focus solely on integrating lasers as well as optical fiber and optical intelligence equipment. The products of this company are widely applied for laser processing, consumer electronics, chip manufacturing and spectral detection.

As for Shenzhen High-Tech Investment, they initiated their company in 1994. This enterprise operates as a professional financial service. It was formally established by the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, in addition to the Municipal Government. The purpose of creation was to solve the problem of financial difficulties for small and medium-sized technology enterprises. This is because small and medium-sized businesses were finding it increasingly difficult to have proper funding. Shenzhen High-Tech Investment has the highest credit rating of AAA in the capital market.

As of now, the group’s paid-in capital amounts to an incredible figure of 13.8 billion yuan. The net assets amount to more than 23 billion yuan. The combined assets total a massive 38 billion yuan. This business covers a wide range of services including bank loan guarantee, bond credit enhancement, engineering guarantee, fund management, venture capital, commercial factoring, small loan pawn and similar services, providing enterprises with a full range of investment and financing services from the start-up stage to the mature stage.


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