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A Guide To Buying Petar Solo Ads

Quality, targeted and quantity is three things that contribute to good traffic. Surprisingly, all three parameters are easy to get fulfilled by the petar solo ads. However, there are sources to get hundreds of traffics but all of them are unequal. It proves that some sources don’t offer desired results. Solo ads are best among all the traffic sources. Want to know more about them? Read this detailed guide and get all your questions covered about buying solo ads.

A Guide To Buying Petar Solo Ads

Solo ads- what are they?

Solo ads are also known as email media where a user can buy clicks from other users using email lists that drive traffic to their page. Buyer, seller, and network are three elements in solo advertising. Buyer and seller perform their actions on a network or marketplace where the transactions of ads take place.

How does the process work?

A Guide To Buying Petar Solo Ads

To understand the working supposes that you are a user buying traffic from a seller having a responsive list. The list comprises of several buyers to whom the seller will send clicks. Your contact with the seller and he will then inform you about the clicks he can send you. Now, the seller will check the landing page of your website and the offers as well that are given at the backend. If he finds it appropriate then he will send you a link using which you can track the received clicks after making a payment.

A seller might suggest some improvements. The subscribers of the seller receive the links from the seller to which your page is linked. When they click on the link you get the traffic. More the click more will be the traffic.

At the beginning years of solo ads, scams were seen due to the insecurity reasons. However, later on, the big marketers come into the field and solo ads came into the mainstream. Hence, it is a golden time that marketers should utilize.

Start with these steps to buy petar solo ads

A Guide To Buying Petar Solo Ads

You need to do a few things before buying them. First, set up the optin page. Check out the conversation rates. Set up the split testing to know the rates of conversion. Use leading pages for set up as they have an inherent click tracking option. The next step is to track the clicks which you can do using tools like pretty link,, Bitly and more. Moreover, you can use premium tools with cloaking and rotating features. Perform click tracking at your end or else you have to depend on the solo ad seller services.

The third step is to set up a funnel having a POP and an optin page. Post optin page is one at which your subscriber know about you once they take action on the optin page. Scheduling auto responder emails is the fourth step. Content on funnel will vary to that at autoresponder emails. For instance, the first email to your subscriber should have the giveaway. The later emails should be promoting the affiliate product. In case you promote it at the backend then the emails should have the offers for subscribers in the auto responder emails.

Use an email swipe in the fifth step. This will be given to the seller where they may feel the need of editing it or may not do it. What a subscriber can expect after clicking the link and giveaway information should be given in that swipe.

Buy petar solo ads- here is how?

Get the aforementioned things in the article. Don’t just look for the seller without those essentials especially you should have the funnel ready. Now, look for the sellers of your niche. Get in contact with them and ask them to give clicks within the set time. However, you may have to make a payment upfront in case the sellers ask for it. The payment will be based on the packages you choose depending upon the requirements. They may ask the URL of the optin page to check it. If they like it they will give you the email list otherwise they won’t.

Once the payment is made you have to give them an email swipe. Stay in touch with the seller to explore new opportunities as they have vast experience in email marketing. You may get a URL using which you can track the results. This link will show you the statistics of the solo ads in real-time.

Check these attributes of the seller

A Guide To Buying Petar Solo Ads

Not everyone who has email lists becomes a good seller of petar solo ads.

Traffic- you must check for the traffic on their email lists. There should be 80% clicks from customers of Tier-1 countries. Canada, New Zealand, United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom are Tier-1 countries. It doesn’t matter in case you are targeting countries other than these.

Delivery time– find a seller who can deliver clicks on the desired period without delay. Ask them beforehand whether they can fulfill your request within the timeframe you have allotted or not.

Response time– always buy petar solo ads from the responsive seller who is serious for the business and reply to you soon. 24 hours is a good and responsive time frame in the business. If they reply after this time then avoid them.

Good reviews– always look for those with verified customer reviews because, review matters. Go through all the reviews from the buyers of the solo ad sellers. Check for the testimonials in case you are buying from an individual seller. Look for multiple testimonials from different buyers in case you are buying via FB groups. This is to ensure that the sellers will bring traffic and result in actual sales.

When to use petar solo ads?

When you need good traffic on the optin pages, you should use solo ads. If you sue them for blog posts or sales pages then you will not get better results. It is because they work only for optin pages. Subscribers enter the email address which they thing has value and this boosts the conversion rates.

So, buy petar solo ads and get high conversion rates for your optin pages.

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