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A Blend of Ball Mill in the Mining Industry

Blend of Ball Mill in the Mining Industry

If you want the materials to be processed and used in paints, ceramics etc. then you have to grind, blend and sometimes mix them which is why a specific type of grinder known as a ball mill is used. Two specific principles are involved in its working. The impact is used to reduce the size. Hollow shell in the shape of a cylinder that can be the horizontal or near to the angle of the horizontal axis that consists of balls rotating about its axis. It is made up of steel, ceramic or rubber. Materials like coal, pigments of pottery can be ground through ball mill. It depends on you whether you want the grinding to be done wet or dry. Wet is performed at quite low speed. In the case of rubber balls, the blending of explosives is done. Chemical reactivity in the form of solid-state has proved to be quite effective with the use of ball milling.

Speed matters

Critical speed is the principle on which grinding works can be understood as the speed that allows the steel balls to move in the direction of the cylindrical device causing hindrance in grinding. Mechanical alloying is a very common process in which ball mill perform other functions than grinding that is a welding process where powders are used for the production of alloys. The materials that can be crushed through ball mill include cement, silicates, fertilizers, ceramics, the refractory materials and powders. Jxsc mill is the leading one these days.

Types of ball mill

The two types of ball mills are

  • grate type
  • Overfall type

These types are because of the different ways that are used to discharge the material

Factors of grinding:

Mining industries keep in mind the following factors during grinding

  • Size: The size of the final product will be smaller if the particles of media smaller similarly the Articles of grinding media should be larger than the pieces of material that have to be grounded
  • Density: the material being grounded must be less density as compared to the media Is ground media floats on top of the ground in material then problem is knocking at your door
  • Hardness: One must have a durable grinding media to grind the material But it must not be that hard that the tumbler wears it down quickly
  • Composition: There some special requirements for the applications of grinding It’s a fact that grinding media will be the final product.

Not only is the colour of the final product important but the colour and material of the grinding media is also significant

Benefits of ball milling:

Some of the benefits of ball milling are as follows

  • Low cost of installation
  • low cost of the grinding medium that is suitable for both types of operations either batch or continuous
  • It is fit for both types of circuits in the open or closed. All types of materials facing different degrees of hardness can be suitable for ball milling
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