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A Beginners Guide To Buying And Installing Stairlifts

Have you been facing difficulties in climbing the stairs and going to the upper floor? Do you have to carry weighed items to the upper floor and carry them back? You can get a stairlift installed in your home on your staircase and avoid the problems faced.

A Beginners Guide To Buying And Installing Stairlifts

Here we have prepared a guide that a first timer can follow to buy and install a stairlift in his home.

Which Type of Stairlift is Needed?

Before buying a stairlift, you need to figure out which type of stairlifts you need. There are many kinds of stairlifts available based on the needs as well as based on the infrastructure of the house. The most important feature of these stair lifts is that they are safe and when we talk specifically about the state of the art platform stairlift made by the reliable names in this field.

There are two methods of figuring which stairlift is needed. The first one is to consider a stairlift installation company that will tell you the needed stairlift according to the stair build or you can contact a therapist who can tell you the needed stairlift.

Types of Stairlifts Based on Needs

  1. Platform Lifts: These are the type of stairlifts that have a platform attached to the rail of the staircase. It is used by the Person with Disabilities(PwD) who uses a chair or if you have to transfer heavy items to the upper floor.
  2. Chair Lifts: If you are someone who uses a walking stick to walk then you can install lifts with chair and fulfill your need.
  3. Standing Lifts: These are the slimmest kind of lifts. These lifts uses the least space and can be installed on a narrow space. If there is someone who has problem in knees and find it difficult to bend the knee, then standing lifts will be suitable.

Types of Stairlifts Based on Infrastructure

  1. Straight Stairs Lifts: These are the lifts that are installed if you have straight stairs and are slightly cheaper than the other one.
  2. Curved Stairs Lifts: These are used if you have curved stairs at your home or if you have different landings in straight stairs. These are very expensive and can cost you upto 9000 EUROS.

Finding the Price of Stairlifts

Now that you know which type of stairlift you need for your home, now you need to know the price for it.

The price of different stairlifts ranges from 2000-9000 Euros. A study shows that the average cost of a new stairlift is around 3300 euros. To get to know the exact price of a stairlift you can appoint a home visit from a company that installs stairlifts.

You can also get a second hand stairlift at half the cost of a new stairlift.

Installing Stairlift

Now is the last step where you need to install stairlift to your house. For that, you can hire any stairlift installation services. Normally it takes 1-3 days if it is Straight Stairs Lifts but can take 1 week if it is Curved Stairs Lift.

Also clear some doubts like:

  • Is there any additional cost for installation?
  • Is warranty period extendible?
  • Free maintenance available for first year?
  • Will the engineers visit, if there are some problems?

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